Our members share our vision and mission. We are a global community eager
to grow together and collaborate with each other with the goal of bringing the
slow fashion movement forward. Check our members!


Luke Martini, Switzerland
Luxury artwork clothing

Quilla Wasi

Hilda Elizabeth Sánchez Coronado, Perù
Fashion and Design

Van Jos

Rosa Van Ederen, Netherlands
Fashion Entrepreneur


Lizeth Behrendt, Germany
Fair Trade Fashion Label


Faduma Aden, Sweden
Consultancy Agency


Mirva Trujillo, Peru
Designer & Sourcing Partner

Susana Nakatani

Susana Nakatani, Sweden
Fashion Designer & Sourcing Consultant


Valentina Suarez, Latin America
Slow Fashion Platform Promoting Latin American Designs

Puka Wear

Maya Santimano, Sweden
Ethically Sourced & Designed Yoga Wear

Become a Changemaker

Our community is going live in the next few months, 

so stay connected and await our updates to know when you can join!

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