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Join our Facebook group for access to our curated community, connecting with advisors and like-minded savvy brands, designers, and makers who are located around the world. A community that loves to connect, collaborate, share tips, empower each other and give you the tools to grow your business. You will have access to SFW retreats and meetings, online workshops and get inspired from other conscious creatives sharing your dreams and aspirations. 

Our Facebook Community

Build valuable connections with other emerging brands, designers, influencers and advisors located worldwide

Enjoy content and expand your network from the comfort of your home, co-living space or design studio. We encourage you gain online exposure as well as the opportunity to be the first to know about online workshops, fashion and cultural events or, if feeling adventurous, join us on a travel retreat in Latin America or get mentored by an advisor located in other countries. Let’s connect you with key players who are searching for like-minded entrepreneurs—changemakers like you.


Develop as an entrepreneur. Achieve your goals at your own pace and make an impact

We welcome you to build this platform with us, together. We offer tailor-made resources, curated fashion and travel guides, and the possibility to discuss the tools and strategy you need for your business and growth at your own pace and terms. We will also get you involved with programs to support a cause you believe in, connect you to our local advisors and online business experts to help you get a clear roadmap, empower you and find the right strategy  to take action and pursue your passion for slow fashion.

Raise awareness: The Slow Fashion Movement  

Build a strong and unified community willing to take initiative to change fashion with your initiative and ideas. Getting the community involved to provide feedback and support in your projects will be essential for you to grow and contribute to the slow fashion movement.

Enrich your learning with sustainable tools and tailored resources

SFW will offer you the tools and resources to navigate at your own pace this year, making your journey slow but steady towards success. We want to spread the importance of Slowing Down while creating responsible and passionate businesses. We will be featuring your business, projects and ideas in a creative and supportive space. Let’s bring back the state of balance and trust in fashion together by building a creative space. The closer the community, the better the outcome.


We want to collaberate with those who;

Passion for Slow Fashion

You don’t need to do it all to become an ethical business, Passion and connecting your values to your business the key to being part of Slow Fashion World.

Personal Ethics and Business connection

You want to connect your work and business with your personal values with a global collaborative community.

Networker heart willing to share your story

You are passionate and dedicated to create content and share stories in fashion, travel and lifestyle to a conscious creative audience focusing in slow fashion, conscious living and responsible travel.

Diversity Matters

You acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion is important to showcase your designs.

Acknowledge the people involved in your business

You are aware and understand that working conditions for everyone you connect with have to be a  safe and dignified environment. Growing close and understanding how to source factories will be included.

Do Fashion Do Good

You choose to make sustainable designs, handpick textile materials, search and connect with ethical businesses, commit to work with factories, seamstress, tailor shops who create under safe environment, designs that are made to be reused, and you celebrate quality over quantity.

Create a conscious and modern lifestyle

You want to make a difference but at the same time not give up your passion for fashion and thrive for a flexible while conscious lifestyle.


You feel that you are different and love to get inspired celebrate personal styles.

Environmental awareness

You consider sustainability in your design process and looking to source solutions to innovate your next collections.

ChangeMaker soul

Your intention is to shift the conventional fashion model and offer an alternative researching and improving your know-how to spread the word and make it significant.

Embrace the shift to slow fashion through collaboration

You are always open to meet new cultures, willing to  connect, engage and empower each other’s journeys  the roadmap for which is built under the principles of slow fashion: respect for people, transparency, integrity, diversity, social, cultural and environmental actions.

Supportive Mindset

You have a collaborative mindset, are open and passionate about getting involved, sharing and discussing tools and topics to create a shared value community.


We want to support you to grow a business that you love and a lifestyle you enjoy!

Access to our online directory

to meet people who are working towards the same goals as you, design a conscious lifestyle and create a business with purpose. Conscious creatives, makers and industry experts from around the world are willing to connect, collaborate and  be inspired by your journey.

Feature and exposure

in our Social Media platforms with a growing and engaging audience.

Blogs featuring the influencer/ changemaker of the week

Following our social media success we will  include the full story. You will find also blogs, insights on how to market your brand in a digital world, finding retailers that connect with your business and values, how to improve your skills for network, local retreat experiences, how to source your materials for next collection, how to make your ideas into an ethical business, steps to create a conscious lifestyle and much more.

Connect through Facebook Group

to ask questions, share and get tips and information about the efforts of different companies creating fashion with purpose.

Vlog features

broadcasting live chats with ethical and slow fashion designers, brands, independent retailers and experts from different part of the world. We will be hosting about local city guides,  slow fashion and travel, textile sourcing, artisan and designer stories, conscious lifestyle inspiration and morel.

Cooperation for PR and media

with digital magazines focused on featuring social and sustainable designers, brands and influencers.

Access to the Designer Journey

Selecting conscious designers who are creating an impact in sustainable fashion. Their work is committed to speak the voice of transparency and traceability. Welcome to apply and tell your story!


So are we! Even though we are still in the beginning stages we are ready to share our project and start growing our community. We can’t wait to grow your Slow Fashion passion or business together with our awesome resources, community, and events. If you are too, join our Facebook group and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with everything Slow Fashion World. And be one of the first when we launch our community platform – Coming Soon!

Facebook Community


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