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MOLA is a multi-disciplinary and international platform which aims at positioning and promoting Latin American design and sustainable fashion. MOLA is the mixture of the values of the Foundation Entre Soles y Lunas -human mobility and the construction of societies thanks to it- and the cultural and fashion values of Dolmen (my fashion brand). It is a growing platform, aiming at creating consciousness about how and what to consume, unifying Latin America through fashion, material and immaterial heritage -which makes us, us- and rescuing who we are, our traditions, moving towards the future. MOLA is finding new ways of creating, consuming, experimenting fashion, positioning Latin America as a leader in this industry such as Northern leaders are.

Valentina Suarez

Mid-2016 I graduated as Fashion Designer. While I was preparing my thesis collection and what later became Dolmen, I worked in the creation of MOLA. At the same time, I have been my mother’s right hand in the creation and execution of her Foundation Entre Soles y Lunas, inclined towards social environments. I found quite the mix!

Slow Fashion Journey

Thanks to art, culture, fashion, debates, show and different activities, the platform awakens consciousness in a world that needs it more than ever.

Valentina Suarez

Slow Fashion Platform Promoting Latin American Designs


  • Ante la situacin crtica de 663 millones de personas en
  • Todos buscamos un maquillaje que sea natural y tenga un
  • MOLA se une al movimiento de fashrev y se compromete
  • Cuidar amar y reparar  Que hermoso fue compartir con
  • Manos latinoamericanas haciendo el cambio Ella es Victoria Cern diseadora

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