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Seven Senses Fabrics is a Indian / Dutch – based company specialized in handspun, handwoven, 100% naturally dyed premium selvedge denim, but also shirting fabrics, pocketing and canvas weaves that come in different weights and colour variations, using only certified organic cotton and produce under ethical working conditions. It’s roots can be found in the remote villages of Bihar (North India), where a few hundred artisans, the majority of whom are women, are involved in the ancient craft of ‘Khadi’. Traditional Indian ‘Khadi’ is hand-spun and hand-woven, a human process in which all senses work together. This is possible thanks to our partnership with KDB Samiti- Kattin Dhuniya Bunkar Samiti, an official Indian non-governmental organization working in Bihar. The quality difference of a thread that is formed between two fingertips epitomizes the fabrics elegant simplicity and beauty, making the fabric unique in terms of production and impossible to compare or copy by machine-made fabrics.

Andriana Landegent

Andriana is a highly skilled business leader and a dedicated person with a huge passion for sustainable fashion. Her aim is to create businesses with a purpose and provide high quality in her products. She has more than 25 years of working experience in ethical fashion industry and founded her own clothing company in 1992. She dedicated her life to help artisans developing their skills and creating value by offering good working spaces for them. She worked mostly all over india and is an expert in sourcing textiles, setting up production facilities. For the past six years she supplies the clothing industry with knowledge and passion on everything they need to know about eco, bio, organic cotton and 100% natural dyeing process. Andriana describes herself as a doer, who learned the skills by being on the field and who loves being behind the curtains. She believes that change should be done from design, production to delivery to the conscious consumer.

Slow Fashion Journey

All brands are produce under ethical working conditions! We believe in work relations based in trust, respect, equality, balance and humanity. Andriana has been driving her projects with this mindset of empowerment for everyone involved in the team including her team in Amsterdam as well as the artisans and workers that make this possible in India.

Andriana Landegent

Fashion Designer


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 Seven Senses


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