Slow Travel offers more than Instagram photos and a suitcase full of souvenirs. It offers an unforgettable experience and an interactive way to learn how the world is, from the point of view of others. Slowing down allows for connecting, networking and growing in a way so positive it leaves an indent in the world. Through ethical practices and sustainable development, Slow Travel is an opportunity to experience cultural diversity, economic growth, and sustainable living during an unforgettable experience. Live a conscious life, full of fashion and travel.

With Slow Fashion World, discover your next exotic and exciting destination for connecting with local conscious fashionistas. You can go shopping, attend an event, meet with local fashion experts, or go on an inspiring fashion tour that can lead to new ideas, sources, and better transparency in your production.

Coming soon – access to a variety of tours, accommodation, and activities all about Slow Fashion & Travel. As well as tailor made travel itineraries to make sure you travel with purpose and enjoy every second of it.

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