The goal is to get involved, through ideas and projects, to spread the “slow life” approach and the experiences that this leads to. People who believe in intellectual ethics, sustainability, and beauty.It is important to go back to the moment in which we were the central core of our own existence. Richness and wellness are not related to what someone owns but to the quality of life you decide to embrace. There is the urgency to realign with the natural rhythms of the universe, start to listen to our inner voice and satisfy our needs truly.

Alessandro Crosato

I have traveled from Los Angeles to Tokyo, from New York to Hong Kong. learning to look at everything, from clothing to architecture, from food to local culture, and learning about people and different tastes/thinking. SFD is about choosing a lifestyle. Fashion is our starting point, but the journey moves into design and everything else that embraces the SLOW philosophy.

Alessandro Crosato

Slow Fashion Platform

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  • Le radici nel territorio e nella sua cultura Davide Simionato
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  • SlowFashionDesign collabora con bykatherinesuarez  esperta internazionale di Digital Marketing
  • Tradizione e futuro nel pensiero di Patricia Urquiola Gioved 10

Slow Fashion Design


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A Conscious Closet Guide

Your free download I love fashion. I really do. But I also love mother earth a lot. Equally as much as dressing up for a night out or even everyday occasions. When I started my slow journey in 2015 I felt like the lonely wolf, tapping into unexplored lands. Slow...

Quilla Wasi

Hilda Elizabeth Sánchez Coronado, Perù
Fashion and Design

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