Susana Nakatani

Swedish sustainable clothing brand. Lovingly designed & handcrafted in Europe. Susana Nakatani is a small fashion label with a global presence. Created by its namesake who produces the designs from her base in Malmö, Sweden. By using recycled materials or re-purpose fabrics, zippers or buttons; it gives a story to each garment but it is also a good way to be kind to the environment. Susana Nakatani always collaborates with small, local manufacturers and professionals.

Susana Nakatani

I believe that the process of creating clothes should be organic, sustainable and in connexion with one self and our surroundings, away from materialism and mass production. Crafting effortless, elegant pieces is simply a part of my blood. I am a dressmaker who grew up in Spain, my childhood pastime was to sew clothes for my dolls with mum’s leftover fabrics and buttons. With the time, living in many different countries and continents fed that passion and added a unique set of influences to my creations. My aim is that every garment and accessory I make is done individually, designed in Sweden and hand-crafted in Europe. I love using recycled materials, leftover fabrics, natural fibres and reused buttons and zippers.

Slow Fashion Journey

Every garment and accessory is made individually, designed in Sweden and hand-crafted in Spain. We use recycled materials, leftover fabrics, natural fibres and reused buttons and zippers to create a clean and classic style. Everything is designed and lovingly made in Europe.

Susana Nakatani

Fashion Designer and Sourcing Consultant


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