The Unmaterial Girl

The Unmaterial Girl

The Unmaterial Girl is sort of an alter ego I created after I decided to stop being a fast fashion addict and instead, became a slow fashion activist. I share my tips, insights, discoveries and DIY opp shop transformations through Instagram and my blog. I also speak at events in order to share my crazy journey so far, and inspire others towards a more sustainable way of shopping!

Leah-Jane Musch

I'm currently studying fashion with Billy Blue College of Design, so that when I step into the fashion industry I can be armed with a bunch of new and innovative ideas. Watching the documentary The True Cost literally changed my life. It opened my eyes to so many parts of the fashion industry that I had been personally avoiding, and once I saw that film I couldn’t deny that I needed to completely change the way I consumed. I sold about 80% of everything I owned, downsized to a one bedroom apartment and totally changed the way shopped. Mother’s right hand in the creation and execution of her Foundation Entre Soles y Lunas, inclined towards social environments. I found quite the mix!

Slow Fashion Journey

My blog contributes to slow fashion by inspiring and educating others about how damn fun it can be to get creative with second hand clothing, and that style never has to be sacrificed.

Leah-Jane Musch

Slow Fashion Blogger


  • Fashion isnt one of those industries that you can cruise
  • Finally got to whip up some reusable produce bags out
  • It was literally all smiles and rainbows at my upcycled
  • I was pretty unimpressed by Melania Trumps recent fashion statement
  • Ive had a bit of a rough week thanks to

The Unmaterial Girl


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Your free download I love fashion. I really do. But I also love mother earth a lot. Equally as much as dressing up for a night out or even everyday occasions. When I started my slow journey in 2015 I felt like the lonely wolf, tapping into unexplored lands. Slow...

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