AANIN Collective

AANIN Collective

AANIN is committed to improving lives, preserving Amazonian indigenous textile traditions and being a catalyst for positive social change. Our goal is to empower indigenous Amazonian women, through promoting and preserving their textile art (little known, even within Peru) through the creation of high quality accessories, supporting community specific social projects and developing capacities. The textiles we use are handwoven with skills passed through generations of ancestors, and are a source of pride for the communities we work with. Our truly authentic and one-of-a-kind designs aim to showcase our partners’ ancestral weaving techniques and their wisdom and deep connection to the natural environment. All our products combine thoughtful design, social responsibility and the finest ethically-sourced materials as a tribute to Amazonian cultural traditions.

Kristi Denby

I am Canadian, raised in a ski town in the Rocky Mountains, and I have lived, studied and worked on 3 continents. In particular I have always been drawn to Latin American culture, studying abroad in Chile, surfing and driving to Panama from Canada with my best friend after university, spending significant amounts of time in Colombia with my in-laws, and now finally starting AANIN and working with other social enterprises in the highlands of the Peruvian Amazon. Professionally speaking, I have an extensive background working with indigenous communities around the globe, conducting environmental policy research and contributing to international development projects. I am passionate about slow fashion, social justice, artisan traditions, environmental sustainability, gender equality and creating real and lasting change in the communities I work with. Starting Aanin has allowed me to combine various strengths, goals and pursue my vision for a more just and equal world.

Slow Fashion Journey

Aanin is centered on building ethical and transparent partnerships with Amazonian weavers while sourcing the finest materials and working with small leather artisans to create one-of-a-kind handcrafted accessories. We are focused on preserving Amazonian indigenous textile traditions, improving lives and empowering the artisans we partner with, rather than exploiting them. It is extremely important to AANIN to building long-lasting partnerships, respect human rights and verifying ethical working conditions throughout our entire supply chain. We believe that ethical manufacturing must start from the ground up, and be applied throughout the entire supply chain. We are committed to transparency, environmentally sustainable practices and we provide support, skills training and mentoring according to each community or association’s needs. Simply put we are challenging the fast fashion industry because we are putting people, cultural artisan techniques and our planet before profits.

    Kristi Denby

    Fashion Designer


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