What We Offer

We're willing to bet that you're already resourceful, but our tools are here to help you

Grow your business with purpose
Define your vision, and create a strategy to achieve your short and long-term goals. You are amazing and you deserve to stand out – we can give you precision tools and targeted connections to ensure your work gets noticed

Find the right business partners
Slow fashion – fast results.
 Experience visible and steady progress that connects you to your target audience – the conscious consumers. Together we can thrive, share skills, swap knowledge, and achieve our individual goals. 

Live a conscious, exciting lifestyle!
Hear stories of people who ventured into the world of slow fashion and have built successful businesses that are deeply interlaced with their lifestyle, soul, values, and style – their experiences can help you do the same

Our Services

Match Making 1-1

Meet the right partners and develop trustworthy relationships with like-minded business experts who believe in your brand. From factories to textile producers, to marketing specialists as well as expert advisors. Let us find the right match for you and your business.

Slow Travel Journey

Discover your next exotic and exciting destination for connecting with local conscious fashionistas. Embark on an adventure to visit ethically sourced artisanal workshops and live an unforgettable experience with a purpose.
Discover Your Slow Travel Journey


Showcase your work, tell your story and Raise awareness about the meaning of your work at the major slow
fashion events in the world. Let us take you to the next level! We know exactly who is the perfect addition to the main slow fashion events.




We want to support you to grow a business that you love and a lifestyle you enjoy!

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