Kuuki Yomenai

Kuuki Yomenai

Slow Fashion World is happy to announce that we are part of Kuuki Yomenai, an innovative concept connecting emerging brands betting sustainability, ethics and innovation during the Fashion Tech Week Paris.

Since 2014, the FashionTech Week Paris brings together every year emerging practices, recent initiatives and innovative designs of contemporary fashion. We are right on it with the KY concept.

KY partnered with Notoryou, a creative studio specialized in cultural immersive tour and VR experience, who filmed the shop in 360 degrees and runs it thought a software to create 3D augmented reality. A real retail innovation, you can now buy online like you were in the shop!

The emerging brands and early adopters of this creative concept part of SFW showcasing in Paris are:

Couture des îles is a brand rich of heritage and legacy of craftmanship by making use of traditional Bahamian crafts to bring it into modern day relevance.

Maco Calderon proposes contemporary creations made by artisans where savoir faire is recognized and transmited from generation to generation, in the heart of the Andes.

Phaukuss, a Parisian brand born in 2017, offers a modern and dressed version of the inevitable sneaker. The brand’s universe is characterized by a refined aesthetic rendering associated with a significant logo evolving through a logic of respect for the environment.

Soo Mee an international brand made in France dedicated to empower women thought their wardrobe… Soo Mee believe in body positive, inclusion and conscious design.

This saturday at our event “SFW Conscious Party“, your SFW advisor and host, Fouzia GRAICH will walk you thought the story of each featured, designers and talk about her vision of the slow fashion movement while having a nice drink in the heart of Paris. She will be also connecting people for upcoming events, talks and Christmas showroom.

This is a invitation only event. If you wish to attend, contact us.

A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes

A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes

NOMA is holding since February an Exhibition called  A Queen Within: Adorned Archetypes until May 28, 2018 presenting rare pieces from one of the world’s largest private collections of Alexander McQueen fashion.

“NOMA’s first major fashion exhibition will feature contemporary designers showcased in an immersive gallery presentation. This exhibition’s bold couture explores different archetypes of femininity, and how these mythic characters manifest through storytelling in fashion over the past decade” – quoted by NOMA official website.

#NOMAQUEEN exhibition displays more than 100 experimental gowns, head pieces, jewelry and shoes. Designers also include Iris van Herpen, Charlie Le Mindu, Comme des Garçons and others.


Lauren Marie Reyes of Papalodown Agency

The exhibition was developed by curator Sofia Hedman from MUSEEA and Barrett Barrera Projects showcasing fashion, design, femininity. They also involved an expert advisory team formed by Faduma Aden, Kimberly Jenkins, and Anna-Klara Mehlich.

Faduma Aden Contelier


SFW Change-Maker Faduma Aden Social Entrepreneur, Advisor and Creative Director behind Jemmila and Contelier was selected as advisory board member. She focused on making the exhibition more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience. From the inclusion to new and established artists to “making sure we include cultural diversity” in  the texts close to the displayed designs . The exhibition explores seven personality types of a Queen – or, metaphorically, a woman: The Sage, Magician, Enchantress, Explorer, Mother Earth, Heroine, and Thespian. For that work Faduma selected as contributors Ruby Veridiano  for researching and writing about Filipina-Chinese history/mythology and me to write about the Peruvian/Mexican history/mythology. Furthermore Faduma also decided to include Somali mythology and proverbs. Check out in our Instagram for more here.

As a Peruvian building a community and living abroad, it is always a responsibility to represent your culture and roots wherever you go. Therefore this opportunity is a great contribution to visualize our culture. This contribution is an excellent example of how a community of change-makers can join forces, connect to fantastic opportunities and work together for a positive outcome.

A Queen Within: David Lachapelle, Alexander McQueen, Omar Victor Diop. Photography: Roman Alokhin


One of the designers exhibiting at NOMA is Herdentier , a handmade vegan brand from Hamburg,  Germany. Miriam Zabek has recently showcased her designs as well in Madrid at the El Paracaidista with the event we co-organized together with The Circular Project called Smart Fashion=Slow Fashion (see our previous blog). It was such a great surprise to see Herdentier selected to be part of the exhibition next to experimental gowns, headpieces, and jewelry by avant-garde fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Iris van Herpen between other artists, photographers.

Thank you to Sofia Hedman  from MUSEEA and Faduma Aden for including our roots and inviting us to contribute in this one of a kind event of the year.  Check out the exhibition highlights here

Mariel Jumpa

Mariel Jumpa


Mariel has built a deep interest in sustainability and fashion working as a consultant for international projects. She is the founder of Slow Fashion World, a global platform connecting an international community and spreading initiatives to generate positive impact and action around the fashion industry. Mariel is a Marketing Advisor at Contelier, a creative agency that connects diversity management with business development.

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The Circular Project, founding partner of the Sustainable Fashion Association of Madrid MSMAD in collaboration with the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain ACME and  Slow Fashion World returns with a second edition theme for fashion: Smart Fashion = Slow Fashion Madrid: Sustainable Development Goals. The event will happen in the design concept spaceEl Paracaidista

Local brands such as Ecoalf in collaboration with Sybilla, Laura Escribano Atelier, Parallel Dimensions, SayPlease, Susana Nakatani, Sylvia Calvo BCN, Irema, Avasan, Yanapaqi, Sidikai, Monikako kids, Sepiia.


Slow Fashion World runned a 10 day competition to select from 20+ brands  that contributes to  the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our aim is to showcase designers and brands that are betting for innovation in textiles, processes to minimize pollution and waste while improving the labor conditions of the entire production chain” – Paloma García

It is a pleasure to announce the winners from Monaco, Peru, India, Germany, France and Portugal. This time the selection was based on fairtrade, vegan designs and innovative textiles. The fashion designers will be exhibiting the selected design along with local designers from Jan. 23-30 at “Madrid es Moda” week. We will be highlighting their profiles via Instagram and our community!


Exhibitions of selected fashion designers creating pieces for change. Meetings and conferences around the fashion industry, smart textiles and discussions around Smart Fashion and the role of fashion in achieving the SDG goals. Slow Fashion World founder Mariel Jumpa and Swedish SFW Changemaker will be having a presentation about Designing the future: Smart Fashion & Sustainability together Susana Nakatani.

Come and join us! To see the full agenda and for details on how to attend, see here. 

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