Bohetnika is a project that has been taking a different course from almost the beginning, a course that makes us proud, makes us happy, motivates us, excites us. Many people in Europe is familiar with Mexico, some only through the stories and news, movies or photos. Through our ethical brand and the visual stories we use, we want more people to know a little more about our Mexico and raise awareness and knowledge about our textiles.

We are in a mission to show cultural diversity to the world, this is our brand DNA. 

Mexican culture, people show this, a country with diversity. Different landscapes, different traditions and therefore emerging different textiles. With this shooting Bohetnika & the creative team wanted to explore the natural beauty of ethical fashion by connecting our roots:  the Mexican nature, local textiles and work with a Mexican team from the producer, to the photographer and model. In fact the region where this session was taken from my hometown, Durango, which has more  desert landscapes compared to other states in the south.

Dress: Hand woven by Karina Hernández & María Cuevas from Huipiles de Mexico.  

Iconography from Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas. Representing the birds of the region and the rhombus as the universe and the cardinal directions.  


Khadi Oaxaca is a social-entrepreneur initiative that supports the village of San Sebastian Rio Hondo, Oaxaca, Mexico, to economically develop in a sustainable way. They use organic cotton from Katyi Ya’a, a collective made-up of 18 women who spin and weave locally grown, native, organic, naturally colored brown and white cotton in the coast of Oaxaca. Now, at least 300 women from villages and ranches de-seed the cotton brought from the coast, card it and spin it all by hand in their homes. Natural ingredients are gathered from the area to create a diverse color palette and then steeped for various amounts of time to produce a range of hues. A few of our components include the wild marigold used to dye the fabrics in yellow. This plant is harvested in summer and is used fresh.
Indigo from the Istmo region creates blue threads. A brown color is derived from oak bark collected in the woods in the Sierra Sur, and cochineal is used to obtain the pink color.

Through this shooting session we wanted to evoke various feelings such as simplicity, peace, retaking the natural, celebrating what Mother Earth has inherited for us. The use of organic materials in textile handmade production is what we wanted to highlight, to inspire and show the wonderful colors and contrasts from our clothing brand.

The inspiration came after our trip to Oaxaca, where we captured through photos, videos the artisanal process and special details on how to how the garment was created. Each image is a story, a treasure made to last. You can actually read about our journey in the SFW Blog and see the people behind the process.

The magic of creating each clothing piece helps us maintain the cultural diversity, empower local people and show respect to the nature by investing with an organic micro collection. Imagine that behind each image is a story of an artisan, threading with her/his hands the clothes you as a conscious consumer will cherish for life.

This is our goal to collaborate with artisans, to create long-lasting pieces to cherish for life. Bohetnika is committed to support the slow fashion movement, bring value as a brand committed to fairtrade and share the local stories to the world. I invite the Slow Fashion Community to create fashion without creating waste.

Black huipil: “Brocado” from San Juan Cotzocón,Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mexico is a wonderful country, we have so much to offer! The possibilities are endless. The world of creativity is inherited from our ancestors and it is very motivating that we can continue to transmit to the whole world a message full of tradition and culture through videos, images, events, fashion, music … in everything!

Striped Huipil: San Juan Colorado, Oaxaca. Natural dyed and hand woven by Cooperative Jiñi u’ñu


#StoriesForImpact for BOHETNIKA

Creative Direction: Lizeth Soto Rivas  @lizethsotorivas
Model: Daniela Salas @danielasalas_m 
MUA: Hefzibá Mares @heffzyba 
Location: Durango, México.

Lizeth Soto Rivas

Founder Bohetnika and part of SFW team. She is a photographer and visual communication expert living in Berlin. Passionate about culture, travel and creative art. Working actively with international and local projects connected to artisan collaborations.

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