A Conscious Closet Guide

A Conscious Closet Guide

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I love fashion. I really do. But I also love mother earth a lot. Equally as much as dressing up for a night out or even everyday occasions.

When I started my slow journey in 2015 I felt like the lonely wolf, tapping into unexplored lands. Slow fashion has never been a thing to me. I may have heard of the slow food movement, but how can a textile be tied to a pace? How is fashion fast or slow?

When getting started, a great amount of knowledge has rushed into my life. I literally had no clue of green, eco, fair and sustainable when I started some years ago. Terms like GOTS, tencel and planned obsolescence were equally confusing.

To make your journey easier than mine, I teamed up with some of the coolest and smartest bloggers in the hood.

To present you the ultimate beginners’ guide. The Conscious Closet Guide.

We united some nerds of the field who shop consciously, are in love with fair fashion and know their stuff. We spend a lot of time in front of our computers geeking about materials, certifications and labels. And that is exactly the part we want to make easier for you. You won’t have to face the initial confusion.

The Conscious Closet Guide is a free downloadable eBook right here.

***Image by ©Lykke Södin

It’s the collective knowledge of 15 slow fashion brains representing more than 10 nationalities, who share simple information about the cooler kind of fashion. The one that does take mother earth into consideration.

It’s a simple guide, written for those who just started being curious or those who want to refresh some basics.  

We help you understand materials like cotton, linen and wool better; think about second hand and the impact it has on the world and how you can rent clothes. There are also lists of inspiring movies and documentaries, as well as book recommendations you shouldn’t miss out on. And we are also critical. Let’s together explore new trends like mushroom leather, vegan fashion and feminism. And did you know, that slow fashion is super excluding? Hear Emmi’s story about plus size slow fashion and end the easy read with an open reflection.

I hope I did not scare you away now. Just download it. For a Sunday read, your upcoming vacation or procrastination purposes!

I would like to thank my partner in crime Sylvie; she did the amazing layout. And all contributors, Mary, Johanne, Justine, Mariel, Franzi, Julia, Verena, Nora, Corinna, Cherie and Emmi. I would have wished for a more gender-diverse bunch of contributors, which seemed unfortunately very difficult, due to the fact that most slow fashion brains/influencers/bloggers are females. That may simply show that sustainability has not yet arrived where it should: with everyone.

Kim Gerlach

Kim Gerlach

Fempreneur and Sustainability Activist blogs at www.kimgoeseko.com

As a startup coach and mentor she focuses on the business aspect of sustainability. Her expertise lies with social impact and gender equality.

On her blog and Instagram she doesn’t fear to write about feminist porn, green-washing or fake news on sustainability. But sometimes she tackles lighter topics and inspires with her second hand style to shop greener. Kim is a believer in the collective good and thus wants you to take action, – even if it’s just a tiny step.

Profile image: Copyright (c) Viktor Holm

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