Kuuki Yomenai

Kuuki Yomenai

Slow Fashion World is happy to announce that we are part of Kuuki Yomenai, an innovative concept connecting emerging brands betting sustainability, ethics and innovation during the Fashion Tech Week Paris.

Since 2014, the FashionTech Week Paris brings together every year emerging practices, recent initiatives and innovative designs of contemporary fashion. We are right on it with the KY concept.

KY partnered with Notoryou, a creative studio specialized in cultural immersive tour and VR experience, who filmed the shop in 360 degrees and runs it thought a software to create 3D augmented reality. A real retail innovation, you can now buy online like you were in the shop!

The emerging brands and early adopters of this creative concept part of SFW showcasing in Paris are:

Couture des îles is a brand rich of heritage and legacy of craftmanship by making use of traditional Bahamian crafts to bring it into modern day relevance.

Maco Calderon proposes contemporary creations made by artisans where savoir faire is recognized and transmited from generation to generation, in the heart of the Andes.

Phaukuss, a Parisian brand born in 2017, offers a modern and dressed version of the inevitable sneaker. The brand’s universe is characterized by a refined aesthetic rendering associated with a significant logo evolving through a logic of respect for the environment.

Soo Mee an international brand made in France dedicated to empower women thought their wardrobe… Soo Mee believe in body positive, inclusion and conscious design.

This saturday at our event “SFW Conscious Party“, your SFW advisor and host, Fouzia GRAICH will walk you thought the story of each featured, designers and talk about her vision of the slow fashion movement while having a nice drink in the heart of Paris. She will be also connecting people for upcoming events, talks and Christmas showroom.

This is a invitation only event. If you wish to attend, contact us.



Innovation has been a key point for Slow Fashion World before the platform was even funded officially in 2017. While SFW sets the accent in the slow philosophy, diversity and cultural identity, unifying a conscious community of change-makers, in Slow Fashion World, we  believe that innovation can help us push the fashion industry into the right direction: sustainability.

The SFW team is very excited to finally share a bit more of our most ambitious project yet. Integrating technological innovation for sustainability but also to bring that technology to all fashion professionals: from established designers, brands to artisans and fashion startups.

We are looking into implementing Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as this is a technology that is built by and for the community aligning to one of the core values of our platform.

Is Blockchain just a trend?

We are hearing more and more the words Blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency … and it can be difficult to make the link to sustainability.

Let’s start from the beginning: what a blockchain does is to connect information. A blockchain records and connects information preserving the source of the information and securing it, no one can manipulate it.

Nowadays the most developed and known application of Blockchain is financial but the information recorded can be any fact, event, or transaction that you want noted; that is why it is so interesting and has so many potential applications.

What can Blockchain tech do for sustainability?

The power of blockchain technology is that it has potential to transform industries. In the case of the fashion industry the way the data is stored and shared through the blockchain and the alternate economy system that come with it, can help in the following points:

  • Transparency in supply chain
  • Production efficiency
  • Environmental & ethical compliance
  • Authenticity of garments
  • Consumer data protection
  • Fair business models & trade
  • Heritage preservation

Blockchain & sustainability pioneers

Applying Blockchain to help solve some of the current issues in the fashion industry is still a very avant-garde approach. But there are some visionaries around that have started to experiment with this. One of them is Danish designer Martine Jarlgaard.

Martine Jarlgaard work is admirable, not only for her Scandinavian minimalistic style but also because she is a strong advocate of sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry. She uses sustainable materials such as up-cycled workwear, organic British alpaca, Italian surplus production materials, hemp, linen.

On top of that, Martine has been one of the pioneers in using Blockchain to guarantee the transparency in the supply chain.

“When I think about our world and outsourcing now, we’ve gained a great distance to how things are made. We need to re-educate ourselves. Technology will be what helps to reconnect us to the people and the places involved, and that information will increase consumer expectations, which will put more pressure on the big companies.”

What Martine did is to track the journey of raw material through the supply chain and to finished garment.

Each step of the process is registered and tracked on the Blockchain via an app: from shearing at the British Alpaca farm, to spinning, through to knitting at Knitster LDN, and finally to Martine Jarlgaard, at the designer’s studio in London.

Each garment has a unique digital token which enables the Blockchain company Provenance to verify every step of its production and create a digital history of that information including location data, content and timestamps. All this information is presented to consumers via an interface they can access through their item’s QR code or NFC-enabled label

This approach to transparency and traceability enables trust and informed choices on the consumer side. At the same time beautiful stories are being told. We leave you with our favorite quote:

Introducting Blockchain to SFW platform

Inspired by change-makers introducing technology and sustainability like Martine and offering the community solutions while providing access to technology to everyone, SFW has decided to launch a Blockchain project that also aims to give our Slow Fashion Community access to that technology.

The Marketplace

Slow Fashion World will be launching next year a marketplace where transactions will be made in cryptocurrency ( and later on, in our own token).

This is a natural step forward for Slow Fashion World to involve the conscious citizen in our platform. Our aim is to create discussion and propose solutions for the thoughtful consumer that is looking for transparency and does not want to compromise style. We will offer access to a curated directory of brands and makers, experiences and services that will help the whole community continue thriving a conscious lifestyle while incorporating sustainable pieces in their wardrobe.

The goal is to be the bridge between makers and consumers. Create a platform where they can interact and get to ask the right questions directly and build a relationship with the brands. At the end, experiences and stories is what is worth it when choosing to move to slow fashion.

All this built in the blockchain. In addition, to improve the fairness and participation, in the second part of the project the platform will use its own native utility token.

Traceability system

We work in the defense and visibility of artisans, makers and garment workers around the world as we consider important to protect their work, their culture and heritage and their rights. For that reason we have set as one of our objectives to bring this transparency to our platform.

In one hand by helping professionals to access this technology. And in another hand by giving consumers the tools to access accurate information about the clothing and goods they buy. If we can provide that information, they will be able to do smart and fair choices.

We are very pleased to share with you  about this project and we are working continuously to make it a reality. We will share more details in the upcoming months in our community (Join us for getting the first updates). In the meantime, if you wish to collaborate with us, please contact us hello@slowfashionworld.com

Susana Nakatani

Susana Nakatani

Co-founder Slow Fashion World

Susana is the founder of Susana Nakatani, a Swedish fashion label that cares about timeless style, solid handmade construction and that has a passion for sewing tradition. Susana Nakatani has also a strong interest in Blockchain technology and works the Selfkey Foundation which has developed blockchain-based distributed ledger technology and a series of cryptographic protocols to encourage consumers to entirely own and manage their own identities and data (“Self-Sovereign Identity.” ).

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