An ode to conscious beauty

“Spread consciousness” says Mother Earth. A mother who nurture us with kindness, gently giving us all the resources for us to live in peace and joy with nothing in exchange. She is asking for help to “slow down” to stop the uncontrolled speed we brought to our lives. Remember she says “without me there will be only memories and regrets if you do not change your lives”.


erie Berlin, founded by Hannah Schorch, creates sustainablilty through a cradle to cradle inspired design of clothing. erie steps away from the linear system of TAKE-MAKE-WASTE and instead turns towards a circular way of creating as MAKE-USE-RETURN – all parts of each product are completely compostable after the user’s and re-user’s phase. erie seeks to make all processes as transparent and accessible as possible in order to support the flow of information, communication, exchange, and connection.

Bohetnika is manufactured by Mexican artisans who have been making world-class textiles for hundred of years. Our handcrafted products are currently sourced from a network of 200+ artisan groups in Oaxaca, Puebla and Chiapas.  Each item is handcrafted and available only in limited quantities. Our pieces are ethically-sourced, bringing human impact, sustainable products and thoughtful style together. Each garment has story behind it, while simultaneously offering an amazing piece of art. Our products are 100% handmade, fair traded and eco-friendly.

Under the name “PINUU“, which means “I am me”, the Luxembourg-born Berlin-based designer produces statement jewelery and many other accessories.There are no limits to creativity and there are always new wonderful unique products added.

The product range goes from jewelry, handbags, to dream catchers! Inspired by tribes that use materials from their natural environment, the designer draws on recyclable fabrics such as cotton, hemp, woods, fruit bowls, shells, gems, brass, copper and cork. The cork leather, which is made from the bark of cork oak, offers a wonderful alternative to leather especially for vegans.


From the same soft high quality organic cotton sweat grown in Uganda enveloping in a subtle zero waste and oversized shape the body. Hand-dyed and hand-eco-printed with the powder of the powerful madder root combined with onion skins bringing sparks of yellow into the pink hues. Warm and cozy without using wool!

Top: Organic cotton from the coast of Oaxaca Mexico. The mix of colors: pink and Burgundy is the result of the use of grana cochineal produced in the Oaxaca Valley (Zimatalán).

Hemp grown and knitted in Romania. Soft and robust.
Using two types of knit, wrapped around the ears and head to keep warm.

Dress by erie: A reflection of the pure essence of nature. Organic cotton grown in Turkey brought into a silhouette of simplicity of a zero-waste pattern, hand-eco-printed with withered flowers transforming their life into something new.

Jewelry by Pinuu:  Necklace and earrings made of Leopard jasper gemstones. A true statement!

Silk scarf by erie: A cruelty-free organic silk scarf, where the caterpillars can leave their silk cocoon and become butterflies, and only after that the cocoons are taken to make the silk thread we love so much from them. No caterpillar is harmed.
The print derives from withered flowers adding to the beauty of the silk another layer of nature and transforming flowers into something that lasts much longer that flower’s life itself.

Tunic by Bohetnika: In collaboration with Khadi Mexico, a cooperative who works with organic cotton and natural dyes. The cotton they use is native of Costa Chica in Oaxaca and Guerrero. They coordinate the production and purchase of heritage white and coyuchi cotton (brown color) from 35 small producers from 12 coastal communities of Oaxaca. The farmers participate in a program for ecological production and the increase of biodiversity in their plots. The light yellow color is the product of the natural process of Marigold dying. 

True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero and leader.

Yung Pueblo

Cardigan by erie: Hand-knit cardigan telling a story like a hue of an embrace. Made from sea cell fiber, which its basis is algae and brings with it its cure from the sea and the sea plant itself. Its researched to calm the skin.

Dress by Bohetnika: Soft to touch, linen is one of the favorite natural fibers. Coming from Lithuania and taken to Mexico to be transformed onto a beautiful hand embroidered dress in Tehuacán, Puebla.

Earrings and Bracelet Pinuu: Natural stones reflecting the power of Mother Nature playing a beautiful song together with the cork bracelets and the sound of the wind dancing with the autumn leaves.

Blue hat by erie: Hemp grown and knitted in Romania. Soft and robust. Partly lined with an organic cotton fur – we call it vegan sheep fabric! – to keep your ears warm without bringing wool into the game.  The hat is dip-dyed by hand with a natural indigo, bringing out its beautiful color of blue.

Tunic by Bohetnika: At present, there are 200 women from the villages and ranches of San Sebastián Rio Hondo who remove with their hands the seeds of cotton brought from the coast, card and spin it, all by hand using spinning wheels in their homes. Local carpenters reproduce the wheel designed by Gandhi so that each artisan has her own. That is how the amazing process of the organic cotton starts it journey and then, using natural dyes like Indigo for this top is used.

Jewelry by Pinuu: Amazing necklace and bracelets made out of cork leather brass and drift wood from the beach, they make a beautiful contrast with the use of natural indigo on the garments.


Dress and top by erie: Soft high quality organic cotton sweat grown in Uganda brought into a silhouette of simplicity of a zero-waste pattern, hand-eco-printed with withered flowers transforming their life into something new and bringing their healing power to be on our skin. Warm and cozy without using wool.


Jewelry by PinuuPinuu, made from jersey yarns that are leftovers from the textile Industry.




Production: Slow Fashion World / @slowfashionworld

Creative Direction & Photography: Lizeth Soto Rivas / @lizethsotorivas

MUA: Mumtaz Meeran / @makeupbymumtaz

Models: Prisa León/ @halloprisa , Lucía Fernández / @postmortemthoughts

Brands: Bohetnika @bohetnika | erie Berlin @erie_berlin | Pinuu / @pinuujewelryandaccessories

Assistants: Jodie Wong | Hannah Schorch @hannahschorch

Lizeth Soto Rivas

Founder Bohetnika and art director of SFW team. She is a photographer and visual communication expert living in Berlin. Passionate about culture, travel and creative art. Working actively with international and local projects connected to artisan collaborations.

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