Contelier is a creative consulting agency that connects diversity management with business development. Contelier is founded on the need for more diverse thinking in businesses and in particular the creative industries. We have seen far too many panels on diversity and diversity agencies that lack ethnic diversity themselves. We have seen far too many creative teams that are non diverse and in particularly exclude women of color. This has an impact on who is heard and seen and which products or services that are developed. We are ready to create change by bringing new ideas, products and services to the market.

Faduma Aden

We believe the slow fashion movement needs to include diversity. We believe sustainable fashion designer have the power to re-shape the industry on many front. It is therefore important not to forget about diversity while change is made. We can’t recreate the same fashion industry but only change the materials or the process of how the clothes are made. We need to also see the human side and see inclusion and representation as part of the change we need to make and as part of the future of fashion. Contelier is ready to take on this battle together with Slow Fashion World.

    Faduma Aden

    Consultancy Agency


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