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Graciela Huam is a Dutch Peruvian brand founded the last year, located in Westerhoven, Netherlands and Puno, Peru. We represent a breakdown of folkloric and classic knitwear made by Andean and coastal raw materials in Peru, turning knitwear collections in minimal designs employing neutral and pigment colors, traditional raw materials and risky shapes and elements. We create garments with a story behind. Every collection has special key pieces that you can wear them always because they’ll never goes out of style. Likewise, we work to establish authenticity and exclusivity, under a common denominator of sustainability.

Grace Huamanchumo Flores

I am Grace. I am Peruvian. I come from Lima, currently living in The Netherlands. Founder and creative director at Graciela Huam. I am the conceptual designer that work next to my partner and a design and development team in Lima, and a production team in Puno made up of 27 talent craftspeople. Our journal started in the department of Puno in Peru, located in the south of the country. This place is characterized by its natural resources, its working people and the majestic landscapes. I was involved in the natural beauty of the city, the impressive knitting work of the artisans and the nature of the alpacas. My reason why, was to create something unique with the natural and human resources of my country and use my experience and lifestyle as publicist plus my passion for fashion. Our ideas and concepts are born in Netherlands and we make them come true in Peru.

Slow Fashion Journey

Our design work is founded on respect for nature, universal human rights and economic justice. We follow the principals of responsible and sustainable production, using traditional methods in order to achieve quality that is superior to industrially made products. Our team in Puno are certified on the principles of fair trade, also they receive training and technical assistance necessary to improve their working conditions, and they have a constant input of European trends mixing their traditional and local methods. Other link of the chain, is our raw material. We employ fair trade principles with our suppliers, and we adhere to the Peruvian production regulations concerning environmental obligations. Our suppliers deliver the finest Peruvian Alpaca and Pima Cotton, empathizing in the improvement of the Alpaca and Cotton fiber through breeding programs in the highlands and Coast north in Peru, which are essential to raise animals and plants with excellent fiber.

    Grace Huamanchumo Flores

    Fashion Designer


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    Graciela Huam


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