Joining Forces with San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week to Pivot Live Event into a Virtual Global Conference During Covid-19

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In April, the world shut down due to the Covid-19. But April was also Fashion Revolution Week, and while many in-person connections came to a stop, Slow Fashion World continued to bridge the community by being part of the Global Leadership Team that produced Experts United, a US-based virtual conference presented by San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International (SFSFWI). Through this project, we were able to continue our mission of giving back to our community of professionals, sustainable fashion brands, and changemakers. 

The past few months have been challenging for the world of creators. The global shutdown has made it challenging to continue the movement, especially for emerging platforms, small brands, and sustainability professionals. Nevertheless, we at Slow Fashion World continue to focus on how to support all of you. 

Through our agency’s experience in international marketing, sustainability communications and experiential events (both digital and live), we invested in this international project to provide a free and educational resource. We thank SFW changemaker, Filipina-American Ruby Veridiano, for facilitating this collaboration!

Co-creation and Collaboration: SFW Core Values Build Trust and Collaboration Together with the Global Leadership Team for SFSFWI 2020

SFW is committed to supporting creatives and changemakers by facilitating access to local and global opportunities. Our agency supports the achievement of the Global Agenda 2030, which is why the connection with US-based SFSFWI was important to us. Founded by changemaker Sandra Hanns, SFW decided to collaborate with a global team in pivoting the live Experts United event into a virtual conference. 

The Global Leadership Team included:

  Sandra Hanns, Experts United & SFSFWI, USA/Chile | @SFSFWI

  Ruby Veridiano,, France/USA/Philippines | @RUBYVERIDIANO

  Mariel Jumpa,, Sweden/Peru | @SLOWFASHIONWORLD

  Athina Salazar,, USA/Italy | @LIFE_2_DESIGN

  Lizeth Soto Rivas,, Germany/Mexico | @BOHETNIKA

  Valentina Suarez,, Colombia/Uruguay | @UNIVERSOMOLA

SFW is no stranger to building digital and live experiences with a focus on emerging talents, the connection of multicultural teams, and the amplification of voices in BIPOC communities within the fashion, design and creative industries. The fact that our founding team works remotely from Brazil, Peru, Sweden, Germany, UK, Spain, and France demonstrates our agility to work in the digital space, fostering worldwide collaborations to build a sustainable and inclusive future.

Slow Fashion World Panel at SFSFWI

SFW had the opportunity to hold an international panel session about Digital Activism: Building Digital Communities to Mobilize Sustainability, moderated by SFW founder, advisor and community manager Mariel Jumpa. 

For this panel, SFW invited the following experts: 

Kim Gerlach (Germany)

Josefin Liljeqvist (Sweden)

Lizeth Soto (Mexico-Germany) 

Sica Schmitz (USA) 

The common theme found throughout the conversation is the idea that in order to use virtual spaces effectively, it is important to have authenticity, empathy and a foundation of trust. When all three are present, it can lead to inspired, collective action.

Each panelist also agreed that boosting confidence, fostering consciousness, and measuring growth is based on quality over quantity, an idea that is aligned with the principles of the slow fashion movement. 

Another takeaway was the importance of using technology and social media to mobilize a core mission, such as animal protection, or building interactive spaces to boost diversity, inclusion and creativity for migrant entrepreneur voices.

In addition, providing educational resources and telling stories that build an emotional connection were also highlighted as ways to inspire citizens to take an active part in sustainability. 

We closed out the panel talk by connecting the UN SDGs to each speaker. Through this, we learned that the most common SDGs concerning the fashion industry are: 

GOAL 1: No Poverty

GOAL 5: Gender Equality

GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal 

In summary, these are the key takeaways: 

Lesson #1: When digital activism is focused on authenticity and trust, people can connect and commit to collective action.

Get Inspired: Kim Gerlach with her consultancy Sun and Rise, blends sustainability and fashion in an aesthetically pleasing and daring way. The organization acts at the core of a new era by creating and conceptualizing new modes. 

Lesson #2: When building communities, the mission is to build upon interests and core values. The goal is to collaborate and build experiences where everyone feels included. 

Get Connected: Lizeth Soto community manager, Co-Founder and Art Director for Slow Fashion World connects artisan, craftsmanship and Mexican culture through her brand   Bohetnika

Lesson #3: We are becoming more digital, and therefore, we need to focus on building empathy. When we lead with values and inspire emotional and human connection, really great things can happen. 

Get involved: Checkout the work of Josefin Liljeqvist, who has created the world’s first traceable leather footwear, with a mission to improve animal protection. 

Learning #4 The internet is amazing, and digital activism is significant, but it is important not stop there. Hashtags and petitions are great starts, but our daily actions are ultimately more powerful than anything we can say online.

Stay mindful and live with purpose with Sica Schmitz, an expert in sustainable fashion  combining mind, body, and closet. Her energy and soul connects a community by creating a holistic approach to living mindfully across all areas of our lives. 


We are grateful to have co-created and collaborated to push a Sustainable Fashion Week forward together as a global team. To learn more about the community check out the website and follow along at @sfsfwi.

@sandrahanns: CEO and Founder of SFSFWI & Experts United

@rubyveridiano: Writer, Fashion Journalist, & TV Presenter from California & based in Paris, France

Mariel Jumpa: CEO and Founder of @SlowFashionWorld from Peru & based in Uppsala, Sweden

Valentina Suárez: Co-Founder and Director of @universomola from Montevideo, Uruguay & Bogota, Colombia.

@LizethSotoRivas: Founder of @Bohetnika / Art Director @SlowFashionWorld Mexico-Germany

Athina Salazar: Chief Possibility Officer at @life_2_design from Sacramento, CA

Mariel Jumpa

Mariel Jumpa

Founder & Advisor

Founder & Advisor connecting change-makers around the world.


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