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Great news! Kmana is joining our PopUp Store + Events in Paris.

Showcasing and selling for a whole week, Kmana is bringing conscious + ethical fashion to our “Creative & Conscious” Paris edition. Let’s introduce you now to a fantastic journey from how it all started for this ethical brand Kmana bags.

Meet the Founder


Change-maker Bea Sanz-Corella was born in Barcelona, Spain. Bea is passionate, kind and strong about her commitment to make a difference. She  has built experience and a career around anthropology, economy, yoga. She is also a mother of two wonderful twins.

Bea, a gogetter woman ready to show share her positive vibes and charisma to the world with Kmana . This is what I’ve felt when I read about Bea’s story. I am feeling that we will have so great stories with Bea, our community and showcase globally the beauty that Kmana shares through designs and values.

Bea’s passion around travelling began when she was a teenager inspired by the novels she’s read, and currently connecting experiences and stories to her life work. She has lived in and travelled all the continents, supporting and connecting like-minded international institutions, organizations and individuals in more than 70 countries, who work towards a better world. In 2013, after some years using the magic Emporda as a base and two years traveling with her family, she landed in Bali and fell deeply in love with the island.

Ever since, Bali has been her home, she calls it ”the place to which she returns, to seek refuge and stand still until her next move, and the place where she has finally decided to follow her passion for sustainable design and bags”.

The beauty & Story of Kmana 


After settling in Bali and connect life and beauty of her now home, she decided to follow her passion and during 2015 she launched Kmana, a name that was created from  ‘Mau ke mana’ that is Bali’s ubiquitous greeting. Bea quotes “Kmana was born out of a desire to combine ethics and aesthetics, to serve the world’s wanderers. Men and women who, regardless of their age, desire timeless and unisex fashion produced sustainably in small batches”.

A wonderful extract of the story of Kmana: The brand began working with a Balinese–Javanese family of gifted leather artisans, hand-crafting oversized bags for ourown travels. Soon afterwards, visiting friends and acquaintances began ordering their own personal bags and accessories. Without realizing, our bags started travelling outside of Bali, to Brisbane, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Barcelona. Now together with Slow Fashion World we will be traveling with Kmana to the rest of the world, starting Paris.

What Kmana stand up for?


                                                                                       CHTWIN 6 – The Backpack

Kmana is a team, a family that works around ethics, transparency and great design. Bea’s statement about Kmana;

“We are a passionate, ethical, family-run design company producing leather travel bags and accessories handcrafted in Bali. Our designs are made for the wanderers, the makers and shakers, and all those who believe as we do, that we are constantly creating the world we live in. It all comes down to the decisions we make. Make your choice and shake the world in a gentle way”


Commited to Slow Fashion and developing a strong business with honesty, transparency and ethics, Kmana bags are “made to last decades if not a lifetime, if properly taken care of”. How are the bags made? Check out their website for full information.

They make sure that the used is by-product of the food industry.

Locally sourced and coming from family-run tanneries in East Jave, Indonesia.

Using one piece of full-grain cow leather or sheep leather (i.e. one hide) for each bag, ensuring fewer seams and improved durability.

We partner with like-minded individuals and workshops in Java to ensure the quality and transparency of the tanning process and minimize its environmental  and societal impact, namely through  the waste management procedures.

We mostly use vegetable tanned leather,

Tannins used to tan our vegetable-tanned bags are found in the local tree barks and leaves.

The other elements of the bags is hand-made, traceable and, to the maximum extent possible, ethically sourced.

Kmana is  strongly committed to continue researching the vegan option for our bags and to launch a vegan line, free from scary materials like PVC or polyurethane.

What story is behind the Maya colection?


                                                                                     MAYA 3 – The Vertical Tote

Inspired by Maya Angelou’s works and riveting personality, Kmana’s second collection is a tribute to the free-spirit of this remarkable
Renaissance woman. Tall and regal, with a deep majestic voice, she was unforgettable whether encountered through sight, sound or the printed word.

Kamana inspires the world by creating pieces that last and having a solid family that stands under ethical and quality values. Kmana bags are the ideal gift and must have for your next travel. For more about Kamana visit Kmana Concept.



Welcome to learn more about Kmana in our PopUp Store + Events. Check our Events coming soon this week and save the date!   Showroom de la Folie-Méricourt 70 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris – Quartier République / Canal Saint-Martin. Follow us in Facebook for more details

Mariel Jumpa

Mariel Jumpa


Founder Slow Fashion World. Passionate about connecting global and local communities for change. She champions diversity and consults start-ups, companies in sustainability, marketing strategy and business development.

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