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About Puka Wear

The beautiful African designs that adorn Puka Wear’s clothes are made exclusively for us. On the “African print” market, many designs flourish made by skilled designers. Unfortunately, many counterfeits are also found and so it was extra important for us to work together with the designers, designing directly for and with us.
For us, transparency is of utmost importance and we want to bring forward the amazing designers that we collaborate with. The beauty of this world is meant to be shared with everyone!

It is therefore with great pride that we present our collaborating design partner Karingana wa Karingana, run by Wacy and Djamila based in Maputo, Mozambique.
We first met with Wacy and Djamila in Maputo in October 2015 when Maya was traveling to Mozambique, building the founding structure of Puka Wear. We realized that we had a shared passion for spreading the unique aesthetics of the African continent to the world, and that’s where it started.


About The Designer

Within me lies the cultures of Sweden, Mozambique, and India. In my heart I feel the deep, thick forests of Sweden, I dance to the rhythms of Mozambique, and I chant to the Indian prayers.

Today I stand firmly on the ground and feel the strength from within, expressing what is me. But it was not always easy.

My life is not much different from yours. I followed the path that I thought was given me and with expectations from myself and society I continued walking, never really asking why.

With the profound power that lies within the practice of yoga, I started to become aware of myself and my thoughts. On the yoga mat we take a closer look at ourselves, we see patterns and become conscious of how we behave towards ourselves and others. From the first day I stood on the yoga mat, everything was changed and I started walking a new path in life. My path.

    Slow Fashion Journey

    With collaborating partner and producer, Puka Wear has worked together on location in Portugal to create leggings that are both stretchy, soft, and conscious in choices of material. Puka Wear leggings are proudly made in northern Portugal from GOTS certified organic cotton.

    With the abundance of beautiful textile art on the African continent, Puka Wear wants to empower women to walk their own path in life and to truly express their core self.

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    Puka Wear

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