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Quilla wasi is about Perú,everything began in my constant trips to the interior of my country and to discover the great and the incrieble cultural baggage. I decided to found the collective that makes me interact and understand how my own culture is maintained and evolved. What do we do in the collective? We work with communities that preserve the art of weaving and transfer their knowledge, techniques and even style in fashion clothing, taking into account sustainable fashion as part of the value chain.

Hilda Elizabeth Sánchez Coronado

In a country where there is so much textile culture, I dare to say more than the Indu culture, the intention is to turn the economic wheel through the daily activity of the communities: based on the alpaca wool and based on a business fair . To talk with each artisan, is to enter a fascinating world, where they tell you their festivals, their customs of centuries past their concerns for modern society, their desires and continue weaving telling stories .

    Hilda Elizabeth Sánchez Coronado

    Fashion Designer


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