Location: Museum Island

Huipils: Bohetnika | Mexico-Germany
Fanny Pack: Kmana | Indonesia
Jewelry: InJewels | Germany
Hat: Summer Romero | Mexico

“Slow Times Berlin”

Editorial that connects the life of one of our SFW team members in Berlin. Lizeth Soto Rivas is a professional photographer and founder of Bohetnika, a brand that shows the amazing work of artisans and the life of a conscious creative dedicated to showcase artisan-made design from Mexico.  Together with a German-Latin American team and Slow Fashion World, we bring stories connecting cultures through sustainable and ethical fashion.

Designing for Culture Preservation: Bohetnika was founded with love, appreciation and respect for Mexico. The latest microcollection shows the handmade details by artisans, creating a mix between organic fabrics and Mexican original patterns.

“When I hear the name Berlin, it feels like a vibrant sensation, like the city itself. This place has opened the doors for me to express my creativity and I see it as a canvas” Lizeth S.

Location: Museum Island | Parlament Quarter

Skirt: Carola Solís | Peru (Left image)
Dress: Las Polleras de Agus | Peru (Right image)
Necklace:  Busularo | Argentina
Jewelry: InJewels | Germany
Shoes: San Miguel Shoes | Mexico-Germany
“Slow Times”. is about conscious connection with your surroundings and just being present. Lizeth’s work embodies the contrasts of design, photography, art like the city of Berlin. As a photographer, she realized that Berlin is a city that fascinates her, that stuck to her world, to the essence of who she is and wants to be. Berlin is where she can take it slow and connect deeply.

Berlin and its people are embedded into a vertiginous, artistic, evolving and innovative ecosystem, while still keeping the old structures, feeling that 70’s and 80’s vibe.

“Berlin is like an old body with young blood”.

During May and June 2019, we held a multicultural Pop-up shop “Slow Fashion Berlin” connecting brands to the local community and  conscious consumers to learn, engage and shop consciously. We created a series of experiences to share the stories behind the label and empower the “Slow” philosophy: Sophisticated, Longlasting, Overall Quality and Wonderful.  From this experience we created a visual stories.

Top Image – The Summer Breeze collection featuring  Colombian model & Brand strategist: Juliana Reveiz. Slow and ethical fashion Brands featured in this editorial:

Location: Central Station

Dress: Erie Berlin (Germany)
Sandals: Toj (Guatemala)
Clutch: Friends That Rhyme (Germany)

How did you envison this editorial to make a connection between Berlin and Latin America?

In this editorial I wanted to contrast parts of modern and neoclassical architectural Berlin, architecture plays a fundamental role in the images and the slow fashion contrast with a city like Berlin seems very interesting to me, it is like having the relationship of the body and the blood I just mentioned.

Location: Museum Island

Dress: Erie Berlin
Shoes: San Miguel Shoes (Mexico-Berlin)
Jewelry: In Jewels (Berlin)

Slow Fashion Germany

“Another thing that caught my attention about Berlin and fashion is that slow fashion has always been essential in Germany. Applying history from Berlin and in general Germany culture inspired me to develop a creative process that aligns to the core of the city working towards a sustainable future, especially in fashion”.

How is Germany connected to Slow Fashion movement?

Berlin and Slow fashion has always been important in Germany, all of this has a lot to do with historical events dating from the late 19th century and that the country was stuck by the Second World War. Later, Berlin and Germany was divided during the Cold War and this fact made the fashion process very interesting.

In World War II, Hitler changed so many things about fashion, even though the first things he did was to found a Fashion Institute, it was to put women down. So, women had to make their own clothes and / or acquire second-hand pieces.

Then, In the DDR (East Germany) women had to make their own clothes equally because most of the stores that once sold beautiful clothes disappeared because the owners were Jews. There were beautiful fashion magazines like Sibylle that published a life that was a utopia for women. Fashion they desire in these publications couldn’t even be bought in the east but the magazine provided the patterns for women to make their own clothes. So, basically, in post-war Germany, fashion was a vain and provocative issue for the society. Now, Berlin is becoming one of the most important cities that promotes and supports emerging designers, slow fashion and sustainability in the fashion processes. The photo shoot was made in important areas in the eastern part of Berlin.

Location: Parlament Quarter/ Spree River

Dress: Erie Berlin | Germany
Clutch: Biótico | Argentina

Location Parlament Quarter

Dresses: Bohetnika | Mexico-Germany
Shoes: San Miguel Shoes  | Mexico-Germany
Jewelry: InJewels | Germany

Connecting through design: Latin America & Germany

Lizeth Soto, produced the editorial together with Argentine entrepreneur & stylist Corina Bufano creating a set of looks that can mix and match the colors and patterns from Latin America with German design, the essence of each brand. Just like the city of Berlin, a city of colors, textures and shapes that take us back to the roots of the city. The combination between classic and vibrant, perfect match  for a summer season: classic but fun and sustainable.

Location Parlament Quarter

Dresses: Francisca Tornero|Chile
Jewelry: In Jewels | Berlin

Location: Museum Island

Dress: Erie Berlin
Shawl: Bien Amsterdam
Jewelry: In Jewels | Berlin

Location: Museum Island

Blouse: Bohentika
Shoes: San Miguel Shoes
Purse: Kmana
Jewelry: In Jewels | Berlin

Location: Mitte

Blouse: Erie Berlin
Shorts: Erie Berlin
Necklace: Busularo | Argentina
Backpack: Kmana | Indonesia
Clutch: Friends that Rhyme

Production team

Photography: Lizeth Soto Rivas
Stylist: Corina Bufano
Models: Maya Aranda and Juliana Reveiz
MUA: Lizeth Soto Rivas
Assistants: Mariel Jumpa, Hannah Schorch and Alexander Behrendt
Slow Fashion World production


Biótico |  Argentina. Sustainable clothing enterprise since 2014 that fuses design, art and fashion, proposes a new paradigm in the production of clothing and accessories, trains and employs vulnerable populations, revalues ​​urban waste and textiles, transforming them into raw material to produce its collection.

Bien | Amsterdam. BIEN is an Amsterdam based brand that celebrates an urban-chique, fresh, and fun easy-to-wear design, intended to appeal to self-assured women who are adventurous when it comes to expressing their own personal style.

Bohetnika | Mexico-Berlin. Berlin based brand was founded with the aim to value the preservation and growth of Mexican artisanal and sustainable design. By carrying these amazing handcrafted garments in Europe Bohetnika promotes and empower Mexican artisans and cultural diversity through design keeping pre-Hispanic Mexican traditions alive.

Busularo | Argentina. Each piece links the person to their surroundings, telling a natural and organic story. BUSULARO’s piece is thought of, felt, and reflective upon. Each piece shows what is happening in nature, how to take care of the environment by using natural materials. Textile designer Carla Busularo aims to capture identities, show how to wear a piece that talks about one self.

Carola Solís | Peru. The author behind Carola Solís designs has a degree in Communication Sciences, that is the closest choice she could make _at the time_ to her passion: art. She has also studied a Masters in Anthropology focusing on Visual Anthropology.

Erie Berlin | Berlin. erie, founded by Hannah Schorch, creates sustainability through a cradle to cradle inspired design of clothing. erie steps away from the linear system of TAKE-MAKE-WASTE and instead turns towards a circular way of creating as MAKE-USE-RETURN – all parts of each product are completely compostable after the user’s and re-user’s phase.

Francisca Tornero | Chile.  Chilean author design firm for wedding dresses and haute couture that has been working in the field for more than 10 years. The concept and personal stamp that differentiates them in their field is that they seek to capture that Chilean identity in each of their designs.

Friends that Rhyme | Munich.  Founded by two friends, Sabine and Nadine, the brand upcycle vintage textiles to create amazing pieces; using what is already available and adding history and individuality to every wristlet and clutch. All of their pieces are handmade by talented individuals who work independently or for small organizations that offer fair work environments.

InJewels | Berlin. InJewels stands for exclusive international designer jewelry. Whether online or offline, our customers find only high quality jewelry from designers who set trends and innovate.

The pieces of jewelery are unique pieces or are produced in small series and are all made by hand without exception with great attention to detail.

Las Polleras de Agus | Peru. Las polleras de Agus is a mix of respect, passion and admiration for our cultural identity. We seek to reclaim our traditional garments which are being lost over time. By incorporating them into contemporary fashion, we create a versatile line. Produced through traditional weaving, embroidery, and stitching techniques, our pieces transport you to indigenous Andean Peru.

San Miguel Shoes | Mexico-Berlin. Since 1997, the history of San Miguel Shoes began in San Miguel de Allende, a city that is characterized by having authentic Mexican colors and its narrow cobbled streets. The design of San Miguel Shoes is strongly inspired by these two details.

TOJ | Guatemala – Germany.  TOJ was born from the desire to create unique products inspired by the traditional crafts of Guatemala. We work hand in hand with talented artisans from different regions of the country to create Guatemalan fashion and take it to the world. TOJ- is one of the Mayan Nahuales, sacred elements of the Mayan worldview. TOJ means reciprocity, donation, offering and thanks.

Lizeth Soto Rivas

Founder Bohetnika and part of SFW team. She is a photographer and visual communication expert living in Berlin. Passionate about culture, travel and creative art. Working actively with international and local projects connected to artisan collaborations.

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