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We got some news! Slow Fashion World officially in Latin America announcing our SFW change-maker Leslie Palacios. She connects the world through the digital world in fashion, with a strong commitment & experience working with Association Alpaca International, and immerse in the Alpaca World in Peru. Did I mention she is a professional dancer too? Together with SFW, worked and developed a strong collaboration to connect Alpaca, Latin American fashion and network to Europe, the world.

I met Leslie during my last visit to Alpaca Fiesta 2018. The connection was made before our last visit to Alpaca Fiesta 2018 bringing international change-makers to the event, an unforgettable event for both SFW and Leslie Palacios. It was the before and after or a closer collaboration which resulted in the Association of International Alpaca’s digital magazine NEW.

As a Peruvian living and building a global platform in Europe, we managed to connect and align our goals to connect the world with conscious, creative women and men with strength, creativity, ethics and vision. This embodies Leslie’s work, from opening us the possibility to explore the Alpaca World, meeting relevant leaders from the industry like Daniel Aréstegui, Raul Rivera, between other industry professionals and change-makers developing the industry from local to global, showing the potential of Alpaca as the fiber connecting the world. Together with Leslie this is our mission, the potential of Alpaca in fashion is huge.

Leslie Palacios truly invests her life and career in the Alpaca World as she believes is the future of fashion. A fashion with sustainability as the norm, alpaca as a reference of design and fashion and promoting “Always in movement”. Let’s learn about her work and latest achievements.

Who is Leslie Palacios?


It is a really complicated question, but to begin to know who we are, we must first know our roots and the experiences we have will be part of who we are. Mine were always art and alpaca world. Producing, directing, being in front of or behind a production, it has been a constant fact, either in fashion, in the cinema or in a magazine. I like challenges and every time someone tell me that it is difficult to do something, or even impossible, it attracts me even more.

Despite the super low profile that I`ve always maintained, sometimes I`ve been asked How do you connect with such famous people? Initially I asked myself the same question, but now I realize that I`ve always being myself, someone real and that is what really matters, without egos or appearances, being sensitive that’s where my strength and creativity are based.

How do you combine sustainable fashion with your passion, commitment with dancing and alpaca?

Photography: Christian Lax. Founder D1 & Peruvian Dancer: Vania Masias


Art and life cannot be separated are the same thing so if there is life it is because there is sustainability.

We hear news about a potential change and transformation in fashion. Do you feel that sustainable fashion has achieved impact-based results in Latin America?

Sustainable fashion still has many challenges in the different edges that compose it, it is not easy but at least not impossible, I have managed to connect with great personalities who are looking for a transformation and their work focuses on Latin America but if we really join as an ethical community, the change will have greater impact of what has already been seen. Moving is a constant!


Tell us about your experience working with International Alpaca Association. What can you tell us about alpaca industry?

At the beginning it was difficult to be admitted because of the how young I look and perhaps because of the little known in the industry, the advantages of that low profile I maintained helped me to know who really were real – by past experiences the fashion world is usually full of egos inflated that do not take you to anything – but I agreed to direct the digital area of ​​Alpaca Fiesta because I knew that creating content I would be able to investigate in depth what is necessary for a close future (like my traditions) to create something new, so I put into practice my academic profile. Everything that was in my hands I studied, even the most technical. I already had a responsibility and commitment that was beyond my position.

Remembering a conversation I had with Eva Hughes some weeks ago who said “behind a great power comes a great responsibility” without any a doubt this experience was a great responsibility. Thanks to the credibility and confidence provided by the presidency and management, demonstrating all my skills based on results, I put my ideas in action and not only the English crown dancer was brought to the event, also a group of specialized people including MODA DOC América Latina, the first documentary film about ethical fashion and handcraft, together with international platform connecting change-makers Slow Fashion World.

People can`t imagine the pressure I had to fulfill almost everything I had proposed, dealing with others who thought I was  only dreaming.

Is it true that the Peruvian Alpaca arrived at the hands of one of the family members of the English crown?

Alpaca Fiesta (2018). Photography: Juan Manuel Martínez.

Yes, finally I can share with you that together with Fernando Montaño, we were able to deliver alpaca gifts to Lady Gabrielle Windsor, niece of Queen Isabell II in London who was delighted and very grateful. Those details are what really has a great value if you give with all your heart, not just for pure promotion.

Fernando Montaño is someone who has not only my high regard but also the entire Association in Peru, he recently received the grade doctor of the arts by the University of Bath, and his life story is really incredible! It shows that everything is possible regardless of condition and to fight for what one really wants without stepping on anyone on the road.



Photography: Christian Lax


We want to officially announce to the community the launch of NEW a digital magazine that connects the world through inspiring with sustainable high fashion instories to the world. Cover feature: Molly Tuesta, PROM PERU official image in Paris 2019.

Talking about Paris, the interview about our latest #SFWAlliances is available. Leslie Palacios interviewed the Executive Producer of the first 100% Latin American Fashion Show in Europe Carolina Dávila.

In alliance with Slow Fashion World, we bring a unique Latin American experience during Paris Fashion Week 2019. YOU ARE INVITED!

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Mariel Jumpa

Mariel Jumpa

Founder & Advisor

Founder Slow Fashion World connecting change-makers around the world.

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