The Circular Project, founding partner of the Sustainable Fashion Association of Madrid MSMAD in collaboration with the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain ACME and  Slow Fashion World returns with a second edition theme for fashion: Smart Fashion = Slow Fashion Madrid: Sustainable Development Goals. The event will happen in the design concept spaceEl Paracaidista

Local brands such as Ecoalf in collaboration with Sybilla, Laura Escribano Atelier, Parallel Dimensions, SayPlease, Susana Nakatani, Sylvia Calvo BCN, Irema, Avasan, Yanapaqi, Sidikai, Monikako kids, Sepiia.


Slow Fashion World runned a 10 day competition to select from 20+ brands  that contributes to  the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our aim is to showcase designers and brands that are betting for innovation in textiles, processes to minimize pollution and waste while improving the labor conditions of the entire production chain” – Paloma García

It is a pleasure to announce the winners from Monaco, Peru, India, Germany, France and Portugal. This time the selection was based on fairtrade, vegan designs and innovative textiles. The fashion designers will be exhibiting the selected design along with local designers from Jan. 23-30 at “Madrid es Moda” week. We will be highlighting their profiles via Instagram and our community!


Exhibitions of selected fashion designers creating pieces for change. Meetings and conferences around the fashion industry, smart textiles and discussions around Smart Fashion and the role of fashion in achieving the SDG goals. Slow Fashion World founder Mariel Jumpa and Swedish SFW Changemaker will be having a presentation about Designing the future: Smart Fashion & Sustainability together Susana Nakatani.

Come and join us! To see the full agenda and for details on how to attend, see here. 

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