Stories For Impact

We believe that fashion can inspire, connect and lead to positive change.


Exploring the beauty, transparency and ethics in fashion is essencial. Let’s create together #StoriesForImpact

#StoriesForImpact showcase a series of shootings, editorials, films, documentaries creating and using the art of storytelling as a force for positive change. We feature conscious creatives aligning their work with ethical, fair and sustainable fashion brands. We showcase the creative minds behind each shooting, editorial and discover film makers shooting socially and environmental projects.

We encourage local and international projects and initiatives working along with fair, ethical and sustainable fashion,travel and lifestyle to connect with our team to showcase through our  platform, events and experience.

The goal with #StoriesForImpact is to make a connection between the creatives and designers to co-work, collaborate and build a strong community making sustainability, diverssity and innovation visible to the world.

“Fashion can be beautiful if everyone in the supply chain & creative industry is fairly involved & getting value for their work”

Let’s build #StoriesForImpact

Are you a brand and looking to create #StoriesForImpact with our team? Let’s work together:

Are you a photographer, fillm maker, visual creator and want to collaborate, showcase your work with SFW:

Let’s build together #StoriesForImpact

Stories Matter

We believe in showcasing stories to raise awareness and keep fashion DNA that embraces beauty, longlasting quality & inspiration.

Through visual storytelling we want to  bring meaning to fashion.


Creatives For Good

We help to uplift stories by featuring  conscious creatives working together with fair, ethical and sustainable fashion brands.

The message is clear! Sustainable and Ethical Fashion must include ethics but needs better aesthetics. We show you is possible!



Collaboration is key to position sustainable and ethical fashion brands on top. Working together we can show the world that ethics come along with aesthetics. Through our Conscious Agency, we can provide you with a local team and help you communicate your brand and grow in the international market. We have built global professional network to boost your brand to the next level!

Work with us:


Conscious Beauty

Conscious Beauty

“spread consciousness” says Mother Earth. A mother who nurture us with kindness, gently giving us all the resources for us to live in peace and joy with nothing in exchange. She is asking for help to “slow down” to stop the uncontrolled speed we brought to our lives. Remember she says “without me there will be only memories and regrets if you do not change your lives”

Slow Times Berlin

Slow Times Berlin

Together with a German-Latin American team and Slow Fashion World, we bring stories connecting cultures through sustainable and ethical fashion. Check out our first editorial 2019

The Harmony of Nature & Textiles

The Harmony of Nature & Textiles

Welcome to the world of Bohetnika! Click on Image and get inspired by their latest collection and collaboration. Made in Mexico, Made by Mexicans (Slow Fashion)

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