Presente Ancestral Paris

Presente Ancestral Paris


ALADO DISEÑO (COLOMBIA) Andrés Restrepo and Alejandro González who develop a clothing brand and accessories working with collections created by rural, indigenous and artisan communities. They also work with Alado Novias (Wedding Gowns), each of them unique, showcasing the purity, classic design with a touch of Latin American cultural roots.

From Latin America to the world, introducing PRESENTE ANCESTRAL 

The connection between artisan luxury, preserving craftsmanship and uniting creatives happened in one extraordinary event: PRESENTE ANCESTRAL.  Choosing as venue the city of Paris, the aimed to be “Sustainable Fashion Capital of the world” by 2024 hosted this amazing show.

This event was created 100% by Latin American creatives, starting with its founder Carolina Dávila, from Davily Partners in alliance with our platform, Slow Fashion World. The event lasted two days, highlighting the catwalk where five fashion brands participated: Alado, Awaj Warmi, Ary Marrufo, Diabla and Sitakka.  The conscious talks  with Lucy Geulin and Dan Pontarlier and the trunk show with all the brands before mentioned plus Bohetnika and Soona Otomí, two clothing brands based in Berlin that work with artisans in Mexico. All the event was supported by the Chilean embassy, ​​represented by Ambassador Juan Salazar, his wife Karen Oettinger and Pro Chile, who kindly opened the doors to creatives, agencies, journalists, and industry professionals to witness the creativity of Latin American design. Opening with a sound healing concert and copal ceremony, the event tele transported the whole audience to the Amazon rainforest with the purpose of showing forgiveness after the tragedy that affected dramatically the lungs of our planet. 



PRESENTE ANCESTRAL was a whole experience! They showed what potential haute couture has in Latin America.


A day before the event, the Slow Fashion World team met at the Chilean embassy to create the following editorial, which reflects the beautiful details of the Latin American brands. Inspired by the history and the beautiful architecture of the building known as “Hôtel particulier” or private hotel in english, the SFW creative team led by art director Lizeth Soto Rivas, reflected through these images the delicacy and versatility of fashion designs and classic style architectural details, also called Louis XVI. Within the team, there were professionals in the fashion industry: fashion designers and styling experts Maco Calderón and Melissa Herman. In makeup and hairstyle, the model and make up artist Dany Rocchi. The Brazilian model, Maria Clara Daros and under the assistance of our marketing advisor, Victoria Salum. All the photoshooting under the creative direction of our founder Mariel Jumpa and Lizeth Soto.


ARY MARRUFO (MEXICO) The woman empowering women through her Moon Collection that is inspired by the phases of women. Ary Marrufo is a certified brand working recycling pieces like organic cotton and hemp, working towards the commitment to make ethical fashion and co-creating along with artisan women in the southern of Mexico. The Moon Collection embarks us on each women’s journey experiencing different aspects in life while combining in in essence to feel empowered and valued.  They work with cross stitches techniques and ancestral embroidery made by artisans from southeastern Mexico and are the creatives behind the movement “Change is Wild”, the NGO that will take Mexican fashion to think consciously and to demand ethics, and transparency

Carmen Camacho a notorious designer and creative behind the brand Awaj Warmi in Quechua means “women weavers”. She has represented Bolivia in international fashion shows, becoming one of the winners in 2019 Diseñadores de Autor Bolivia (DAB) where notorious personalities celebrated her latest collection. Carmen connects the traditional weaving with the contemporary design. Awaj Warmi NGO is found in Sucre, Bolivian capital. They work with noble materials like alpaca wool, baby wool and commit to fair wages to the communities.


PRESENTE ANCESTRAL an event that brought up the original shapes, vibrant colors and diverse textures that depicted Latin American countries showcasing the luxury of artisan craftsmanship.

BOHETNIKA is a Berlin based brand founded by Lizeth Soto Rivas (Behrendt) and Alexander Behrendt in 2016 with the aim to value the preservation and growth of Mexican artisanal and sustainable designs. By carrying these amazing handcrafted garments in Europe, Bohetnika promotes and empower Mexican artisans and cultural diversity through design. One of the main brand’s goals is to keep pre-Hispanic Mexican traditions alive while giving them a modern accent.

Bohetnika’s DNA is about the respect and admiration for the ancestral legacy and the workforce. The brand states that  garments are not made on a large scale and that each one has different details and process and that is what makes Bohetnika unique.

Pamela Gallardo and Julia Beatriz Navajas, the creatives behind DIABLA BOLIVIA inspired by their Bolivian roots and country, they both define their creations as unique piece statements that embodies the cultural diversity and heritage of Bolivia. Diabla works closely with local artisans becoming a fair trade brand offering 100% handmade and ethical accessories. Each jewelry is a piece of art, naturally dyed with plants while using organic materials in each collection. Their latest collection is called “Tiu” in honor to their traditional dance in Bolivia called “ La diablada”. They also presented in this collection the vibrant colors and inspired by their national flag.

This live editorial shows the power that Latin American fashion designers have. The importance of organizations, associations and a community of change-makers getting together to invest in connecting bridges and bringing talent to the main fashion week catwalks in Europe and the world.

Maco Calderon works with noble fibers produced with minimum impact to the environment that surrounds it, their goal is to produce good quality comfortable garments timeless and ecological. His brand works with natural fiber producers of artisanal production of cooperatives, social enterprises and “alpaqueros” of Andean communities, preserving the traditions and collaborating to improve the quality of life.

Maco Calderon’s creations are handmade in the heart of the Andes of Peru in collaboration with artisans where tradition is transmitted from generation to generation. He says: “we do not believe in fast fashion and hyperconsumption, for this reason we make unique pieces totally handmade to measure for you. we create quality produced in small quantity, each garment is made with love, thinking about who will wear it”.

Bringing the natural vibe to the event, Paulina Irazabal is the creative soul behind SITTAKA. The charismatic woman that connects deeply to the essence of being present, to celebrate Latin American design and to honor through each head piece the work and resources taken from the Amazon rainforest. Sittaka is about uniting, collaborating, respecting, and healing through the art of clothing and hat pieces. She connects her passion to explore during her travels and respect to Amazon rainforest with designing and offering head pieces that are unique to empower women. Sittaka works in building close relationship with the Shipibo Konibo tribes in Yarinacocha, Peruvian Amazon. 

About the shoes: The commitment for SFW is to unite a community for changemakers, IMM is an ethical brand empowering regufees and immigrants. The idea to connect different cultures willing to support each other is SFW core value. In this live editorial IMM and Sittaka joined forces to present a complete look ethically made. They were found in our community. Have you joined yet?



PRESENTE ANCESTRAL has a commitment to bring excellence in the shows and experience but also empower the social part. That way,  they want to give back through crowdfunding campaign launched via Ulule platform, to raise funds for the Chilean foundation “Superación de la Pobreza”. Participating in this campaign, you are supporting the development of the local economy of artisans and women working for a better future. We believe that by investing in culture preservation, showcasing artisan craftsmanship and celebrating designers committed to empower their cultural roots, we maintain alive each country’s cultural diversity and ancestral techniques in textiles. Thank you Carolina Davila, Patricia Guerrero and Patrick Strickler and all the team for a taking us to a journey of celebrating  and promoting more Latin American designers. We look forward for their upcoming show in Milan 2020 bringing the experience and taking everyone to a journey to slow down and connect with the haute couture fashion and artisan luxury of Latin America

Presente Ancestral  – Paris Fashion Live Editorial


Creative Direction:  Mariel Jumpa & Lizeth Soto Rivas / IG @slowfashionworld @consciouslatina @lizethsotorivas

Photography: Lizeth Soto Rivas / @lizethsotorivas

Stylist: Melissa Herman / IG @_Melissaherman_

Model: Maria Clara Daros / IG @MariaClaraDaros

MUA: Dany Rocchi / IG @Dany_Rocchi 

Production Assistant: Maco Calderon / IG @Macocalderon_official 

Production Assistant: Victoria Salum / IG @VictoriaSalum

Lizeth Soto Rivas

Founder Bohetnika and art director of SFW team. She is a photographer and visual communication expert living in Berlin. Passionate about culture, travel and creative art. Working actively with international and local projects connected to artisan collaborations.

Visit her website

Pop Up Store Berlin

Pop Up Store Berlin

Following last year success Pop-up Store during Fashion Revolution Week we are back in Berlin! In collaboration, Slow Fashion World and Bohetnika bring a new pop-up store during the month of May, showcasing emerging brands dedicated to the conscious journey of slow fashion, all this, in the heart of ethical fashion hub: Berlin.


Monday to Thursday 11AM – 9PM

Friday and Saturday 11AM – 10PM


  • Kmana Bags  Passionate, ethical, family-run design company producing leather travel bags and accessories handcrafted in Bali.
  • Bohetnika promotes and empower Mexican artisans and cultural diversity through design keeping pre-Hispanic Mexican traditions alive. In 2019, they incorporate 100% organic materials through a one-of a kind pieces micro-collection.
  • BIEN Amsterdam – Scarves (100% Silk, Reusable materials)
  • erie Berlin – erie Berlin creates sustainablilty on all levels of the creation of a piece of clothing through a circular design and a conscious way of working, where every step supports everything and everyone in the process.
    Women’s clothing 100% conscious, sustainable, biodegradable, vegan, zero waste.
  • We Love TOJ – TOJ was born from the desire to create unique products inspired by the traditional crafts of Guatemala. They work hand in hand with talented artisans from different regions of Guatemala.


Just like in the Slow Fashion world, quality and origin are also key aspects of speciality coffees: Café Juquila cares about that and much more. It is a 100% pure arabiga from the Pluma region in Oaxaca. Harvested traditionally, environmentally and socially conscious.


7 Mares  (Portuguese Fine selection of wines and goods). So in any case you want to mix having a visit to our local with a good glass of wine, please do so! Stay tuned for the upcoming events we will be hosting during this month!

Address details: Heimstrasse 3, Kreuzberg. Around the corner from Bergmannstrasse. U7 Gneisenaustraße

Building a Community for Change-Makers

Building a Community for Change-Makers

We finalize 2018 talking about our passion: Building global communities. This is not another 2018 recap, instead we aimed to get you some usefull insights on this post about what we’ve learned so far on growing consciously a global community connecting and empowering change-makers around slow fashion. Investing in change-makers and creating long lasting relationships is the goal for Slow Fashion World! This is what we did when we met Sina Helmke, our change-maker in Germany.  We, Sina and Mariel, are both passionate about social entrepreneurship, international marketing, inclusive and driven communities taking action.  We got the chance to meet in Sweden and develop guest lecture in Västerås, Sweden holding a guest lecture about Sustainability in Marketing. There we got to speak together in the Podcast Marketing for Change-Makers and talk about how Slow Fashion World started. A global community for conscious creatives that want to empower slow fashion and conscious living visionaries to make their voice heard, show alternatives to fast fashion and increase the awareness about the current ecological crisis in our world.

During the episode, we’ve discussed about the experiences and tips on how to build a thriving community for your business. We talked about community building as a marketing tool and why it is so important in today’s world and especially for Social Entrepreneurs. Check out the Podcast

About Sina Helmke: Building a successful program and consulting agency developing Marketing for Change-makers. Sina, is a fundamental part of the success of this platform, therefore we joined forces again and created a series of resources for the community, both online and offline to raise awareness, develop entrepreneurs, companies and brands into implementing sustainability in their business and personal agendas.

About Mariel Jumpa: Originally from Cusco, Peru and now lives in Sweden. She used to be a flight attendant with a massive passion for traveling and connecting with people, and this led her into starting Slow Fashion World – because she wants to empower, connect and enable collaborations in ethical fashion between Europe and Latin America. Although she only started 1,5 years ago, she already created a community with almost 11 k people all over social media and about 1.600 members in her private Facebook group.

How to Get Started with Building a Community for Your Brand

Three Pillars of Slow Fashion World

The way Slow Fashion World community is operating is based on the following points: 1) Sustainability: Always acting towards having an impact and making the world better 2) Diversity: Creating an inclusive network of changemakers around the world 3) Innovation: Using social and technological innovations to improve society and environment. One reason why Slow Fashion World became successful very quick is the structure of the community. Enabling and empowering different change-makers from 12 countries (more to come) to support a global network with unique skills.  When Slow Fashion World chooses those change-makers, they are not focussing on their number of followers but individual strengths, impact and knowledge. Every Monday one changemaker gets featured on the community. The members are not only designers or brand owners but also advisors, academics and marketing/media experts.

In the founders’ opinion “it is inevitable for international entrepreneurs to build their own community – a personal tribe for their brand. Since social media is a community platform itself, you will not be successful otherwise. But it is also a beneficial way to showcase your mission and ideas and get feedback on them. You can test and find out what is working and what should be changed or improved”.

Common Rules for Successful Community Building

To create a thriving community, you need a strong foundation which should be based on the following aspects:

1) Follow your passion! If you are only interested in this particular idea or project at the moment, think twice if its worth it. You should think longterm!

2) Be ethical and sincere when you reach out to your tribe You will not always receive positive comments, and it is ok not to remove or delete negative ones. Just always be active, honest and answer questions. Do not ignore your members even though you don’t like their opinion. Show them that they are essential to you and keep them engaged by asking questions or using collaborations days.

3) Add value You have to very good at chatting with people and start smart conversations. Try to share valuable content (but always check the source) and keep them up-to-date on your niche/industry.

4) Filter your members You don’t have to add everybody to your community. The easiest way to make sure your tribe consists of people that are genuinely interested in the subject is to add a questionnaire they have to answer in advance. It helps you to preselect and also get to know your members. You can, e.g. ask questions concerning their background and personal motivation.

5) Don’t make it automatic Try to avoid scheduling your content like a robot. Don’t always post at the same time or have theme days every second day. But keep a structure and an order. You can’t automate a community 100 percent, because you have to show your personality. But of course, you can have a team that supports you. But make sure they are aligned with your mission and values.

How to Handle Haters

If you follow the above points, you are pretty good prepared for creating your own community. But of course, it is unlikely that you will have a tribe with thousands of followers overnight. In the beginning concentrate on spreading the word and make it your number one mission that you exist. When you start growing, you may have to deal with negative people or people intending to copy what you’ve built:

1) Listen Try to understand their problem and show them that you respect their opinion. Talk to your critics and try to solve misunderstandings

2) Build trust If you showcase your work with honesty and authenticity, people will learn to know and understand you. It makes it harder for a negative person to damage you and your work.

3) Offline events Organize meetups or other activities with your tripe to deeper connect with them. Face-to-face interaction help to grow meaningful relationships.

4) Policies and rules Make sure to have clear and easy to understand rules. If people don’t follow them, it is ok to block or ignore them. Another not unlikely situation that might occur is someone else starting a similar community. Slow Fashion World is very clear on this point. In her opinion, you should always reach out to them and try to create a collaboration.  Especially as social entrepreneurs we cant stab each other in the back but instead should find a way to cooperate and complement one another. It can be a win-win situation for everyone involved. But if they don’t want to team up, it is also fine. If you want to grow, you have to reach out, look around and not to stay behind your curtain. Don’t fear competition because your personality is always unique – no one can copy it!

4 Steps to Get Started!

SFW tip: Just get started and do it! Do not overthink everything but become more active. The easiest way is to follow these steps:

1) Identify You have to find out, what people are looking for and what their need is. Your passion is essential, but not everything. Make sure you look behind it and define the problem your target group is facing. This step involves a lot of research and testing. You can ask your family, friends and of course people that are within your actual target group.

2) Step Out of the Closet This one might be the hardest part for some people, but it is crucial that you open up yourself to the world. Make sure you are ready to share your opinion and views with your audience. Structure what you want, what your mission is and create a story out of it. Share it on your social media and get used to spreading the word.

3) Communicate The way you talk with your tribe has to be unique and compelling. You have to find a differentiator from other communities. Think about your story, personality, and values and create a communication strategy from it.

4) Feedback Even if there are just a handful of people in your community in the beginning, always ask for feedback. Show them they are important to you and ask them what they enjoy and what they miss.

You are creating your community for your audience and not for yourself.

Thank you Slow Fashion Community

To finalize this post, we are glad to see the Slow Fashion Community taking action and getting closer, with more active members we have seen conscious creatives, industry professionals, academics, advisors and sustainability advocates boosting their companies, gained visibility both locally and globally and that makes it all worth it. 2018 was challenging & positive for the community, although some goals were not reached in numbers the famous 10K goal in Instagram we connected and integrated topics, activities & join forces with a global community building and advocating for social and environmental change! To get started this 2019 we offer you the opportunity to grow as well and take our online course “Develop your brand’s DNA” officially launching soon. For Registration and early bids HERE Once again, thank you for being the change you want to see in this world! Tell us what you think about Slow Fashion World below and what can we do better to help you grow and build a sustainable lifestyle.




Eco marketer is a small agency in the heart of Hamburg with the aim to provide you with anefficient and effective marketing solution. In order to get the most out of your business, we offeryou a comprehensive support in the areas of social media, content marketing and sales support. I created Marketing for Change-Makers! My goal is to help you spread the word about your business and bring your solutions into the world to have an impact. In my opinion, we as entrepreneurs have responsibility for society and the environment. We should all live by this rule and make sure that more and more exciting and innovative projects prevail on the market and create a difference.
I wish you a lot of fun listening to my podcast! 

Joining Forces with San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week to Pivot Live Event into a Virtual Global Conference During Covid-19

SFW is committed to supporting creatives and changemakers by facilitating access to local and global opportunities. Our agency supports the achievement of the Global Agenda 2030, which is why the connection with US-based SFSFWI was important to us. Founded by changemaker Sandra Hanns, SFW decided to collaborate with a global team in pivoting the live Experts United event into a virtual conference.

SFW Latin America ft. Leslie Palacios

SFW launching Latin America activation ft. our first change-maker in Peru, Leslie Palacios. A fierce and committed woman to unite the alpaca world, sustainable fashion & dance through her network and experience.

Slow Fashion Pop Up Berlin

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