Joining Forces with San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week to Pivot Live Event into a Virtual Global Conference During Covid-19

Joining Forces with San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week to Pivot Live Event into a Virtual Global Conference During Covid-19

In April, the world shut down due to the Covid-19. But April was also Fashion Revolution Week, and while many in-person connections came to a stop, Slow Fashion World continued to bridge the community by being part of the Global Leadership Team that produced Experts United, a US-based virtual conference presented by San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week International (SFSFWI). Through this project, we were able to continue our mission of giving back to our community of professionals, sustainable fashion brands, and changemakers. 

The past few months have been challenging for the world of creators. The global shutdown has made it challenging to continue the movement, especially for emerging platforms, small brands, and sustainability professionals. Nevertheless, we at Slow Fashion World continue to focus on how to support all of you. 

Through our agency’s experience in international marketing, sustainability communications and experiential events (both digital and live), we invested in this international project to provide a free and educational resource. We thank SFW changemaker, Filipina-American Ruby Veridiano, for facilitating this collaboration!

Co-creation and Collaboration: SFW Core Values Build Trust and Collaboration Together with the Global Leadership Team for SFSFWI 2020

SFW is committed to supporting creatives and changemakers by facilitating access to local and global opportunities. Our agency supports the achievement of the Global Agenda 2030, which is why the connection with US-based SFSFWI was important to us. Founded by changemaker Sandra Hanns, SFW decided to collaborate with a global team in pivoting the live Experts United event into a virtual conference. 

The Global Leadership Team included:

  Sandra Hanns, Experts United & SFSFWI, USA/Chile | @SFSFWI

  Ruby Veridiano,, France/USA/Philippines | @RUBYVERIDIANO

  Mariel Jumpa,, Sweden/Peru | @SLOWFASHIONWORLD

  Athina Salazar,, USA/Italy | @LIFE_2_DESIGN

  Lizeth Soto Rivas,, Germany/Mexico | @BOHETNIKA

  Valentina Suarez,, Colombia/Uruguay | @UNIVERSOMOLA

SFW is no stranger to building digital and live experiences with a focus on emerging talents, the connection of multicultural teams, and the amplification of voices in BIPOC communities within the fashion, design and creative industries. The fact that our founding team works remotely from Brazil, Peru, Sweden, Germany, UK, Spain, and France demonstrates our agility to work in the digital space, fostering worldwide collaborations to build a sustainable and inclusive future.

Slow Fashion World Panel at SFSFWI

SFW had the opportunity to hold an international panel session about Digital Activism: Building Digital Communities to Mobilize Sustainability, moderated by SFW founder, advisor and community manager Mariel Jumpa. 

For this panel, SFW invited the following experts: 

Kim Gerlach (Germany)

Josefin Liljeqvist (Sweden)

Lizeth Soto (Mexico-Germany) 

Sica Schmitz (USA) 

The common theme found throughout the conversation is the idea that in order to use virtual spaces effectively, it is important to have authenticity, empathy and a foundation of trust. When all three are present, it can lead to inspired, collective action.

Each panelist also agreed that boosting confidence, fostering consciousness, and measuring growth is based on quality over quantity, an idea that is aligned with the principles of the slow fashion movement. 

Another takeaway was the importance of using technology and social media to mobilize a core mission, such as animal protection, or building interactive spaces to boost diversity, inclusion and creativity for migrant entrepreneur voices.

In addition, providing educational resources and telling stories that build an emotional connection were also highlighted as ways to inspire citizens to take an active part in sustainability. 

We closed out the panel talk by connecting the UN SDGs to each speaker. Through this, we learned that the most common SDGs concerning the fashion industry are: 

GOAL 1: No Poverty

GOAL 5: Gender Equality

GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal 

In summary, these are the key takeaways: 

Lesson #1: When digital activism is focused on authenticity and trust, people can connect and commit to collective action.

Get Inspired: Kim Gerlach with her consultancy Sun and Rise, blends sustainability and fashion in an aesthetically pleasing and daring way. The organization acts at the core of a new era by creating and conceptualizing new modes. 

Lesson #2: When building communities, the mission is to build upon interests and core values. The goal is to collaborate and build experiences where everyone feels included. 

Get Connected: Lizeth Soto community manager, Co-Founder and Art Director for Slow Fashion World connects artisan, craftsmanship and Mexican culture through her brand   Bohetnika

Lesson #3: We are becoming more digital, and therefore, we need to focus on building empathy. When we lead with values and inspire emotional and human connection, really great things can happen. 

Get involved: Checkout the work of Josefin Liljeqvist, who has created the world’s first traceable leather footwear, with a mission to improve animal protection. 

Learning #4 The internet is amazing, and digital activism is significant, but it is important not stop there. Hashtags and petitions are great starts, but our daily actions are ultimately more powerful than anything we can say online.

Stay mindful and live with purpose with Sica Schmitz, an expert in sustainable fashion  combining mind, body, and closet. Her energy and soul connects a community by creating a holistic approach to living mindfully across all areas of our lives. 


We are grateful to have co-created and collaborated to push a Sustainable Fashion Week forward together as a global team. To learn more about the community check out the website and follow along at @sfsfwi.

@sandrahanns: CEO and Founder of SFSFWI & Experts United

@rubyveridiano: Writer, Fashion Journalist, & TV Presenter from California & based in Paris, France

Mariel Jumpa: CEO and Founder of @SlowFashionWorld from Peru & based in Uppsala, Sweden

Valentina Suárez: Co-Founder and Director of @universomola from Montevideo, Uruguay & Bogota, Colombia.

@LizethSotoRivas: Founder of @Bohetnika / Art Director @SlowFashionWorld Mexico-Germany

Athina Salazar: Chief Possibility Officer at @life_2_design from Sacramento, CA

Mariel Jumpa

Mariel Jumpa

Founder & Advisor

Founder & Advisor connecting change-makers around the world.


Joining Forces with San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week to Pivot Live Event into a Virtual Global Conference During Covid-19

SFW is committed to supporting creatives and changemakers by facilitating access to local and global opportunities. Our agency supports the achievement of the Global Agenda 2030, which is why the connection with US-based SFSFWI was important to us. Founded by changemaker Sandra Hanns, SFW decided to collaborate with a global team in pivoting the live Experts United event into a virtual conference.

SFW Latin America ft. Leslie Palacios

SFW launching Latin America activation ft. our first change-maker in Peru, Leslie Palacios. A fierce and committed woman to unite the alpaca world, sustainable fashion & dance through her network and experience.

Slow Fashion Pop Up Berlin

Starting January 2019 we have showcased ethical and sustainable fashion throughout different cities around Europe organizing exhibitions, events and curated experiences. Our goal is to create unique and inclusive activities around Slow Fashion and Conscious Lifestyle...

Presente Ancestral Paris

Presente Ancestral Paris


ALADO DISEÑO (COLOMBIA) Andrés Restrepo and Alejandro González who develop a clothing brand and accessories working with collections created by rural, indigenous and artisan communities. They also work with Alado Novias (Wedding Gowns), each of them unique, showcasing the purity, classic design with a touch of Latin American cultural roots.

From Latin America to the world, introducing PRESENTE ANCESTRAL 

The connection between artisan luxury, preserving craftsmanship and uniting creatives happened in one extraordinary event: PRESENTE ANCESTRAL.  Choosing as venue the city of Paris, the aimed to be “Sustainable Fashion Capital of the world” by 2024 hosted this amazing show.

This event was created 100% by Latin American creatives, starting with its founder Carolina Dávila, from Davily Partners in alliance with our platform, Slow Fashion World. The event lasted two days, highlighting the catwalk where five fashion brands participated: Alado, Awaj Warmi, Ary Marrufo, Diabla and Sitakka.  The conscious talks  with Lucy Geulin and Dan Pontarlier and the trunk show with all the brands before mentioned plus Bohetnika and Soona Otomí, two clothing brands based in Berlin that work with artisans in Mexico. All the event was supported by the Chilean embassy, ​​represented by Ambassador Juan Salazar, his wife Karen Oettinger and Pro Chile, who kindly opened the doors to creatives, agencies, journalists, and industry professionals to witness the creativity of Latin American design. Opening with a sound healing concert and copal ceremony, the event tele transported the whole audience to the Amazon rainforest with the purpose of showing forgiveness after the tragedy that affected dramatically the lungs of our planet. 



PRESENTE ANCESTRAL was a whole experience! They showed what potential haute couture has in Latin America.


A day before the event, the Slow Fashion World team met at the Chilean embassy to create the following editorial, which reflects the beautiful details of the Latin American brands. Inspired by the history and the beautiful architecture of the building known as “Hôtel particulier” or private hotel in english, the SFW creative team led by art director Lizeth Soto Rivas, reflected through these images the delicacy and versatility of fashion designs and classic style architectural details, also called Louis XVI. Within the team, there were professionals in the fashion industry: fashion designers and styling experts Maco Calderón and Melissa Herman. In makeup and hairstyle, the model and make up artist Dany Rocchi. The Brazilian model, Maria Clara Daros and under the assistance of our marketing advisor, Victoria Salum. All the photoshooting under the creative direction of our founder Mariel Jumpa and Lizeth Soto.


ARY MARRUFO (MEXICO) The woman empowering women through her Moon Collection that is inspired by the phases of women. Ary Marrufo is a certified brand working recycling pieces like organic cotton and hemp, working towards the commitment to make ethical fashion and co-creating along with artisan women in the southern of Mexico. The Moon Collection embarks us on each women’s journey experiencing different aspects in life while combining in in essence to feel empowered and valued.  They work with cross stitches techniques and ancestral embroidery made by artisans from southeastern Mexico and are the creatives behind the movement “Change is Wild”, the NGO that will take Mexican fashion to think consciously and to demand ethics, and transparency

Carmen Camacho a notorious designer and creative behind the brand Awaj Warmi in Quechua means “women weavers”. She has represented Bolivia in international fashion shows, becoming one of the winners in 2019 Diseñadores de Autor Bolivia (DAB) where notorious personalities celebrated her latest collection. Carmen connects the traditional weaving with the contemporary design. Awaj Warmi NGO is found in Sucre, Bolivian capital. They work with noble materials like alpaca wool, baby wool and commit to fair wages to the communities.


PRESENTE ANCESTRAL an event that brought up the original shapes, vibrant colors and diverse textures that depicted Latin American countries showcasing the luxury of artisan craftsmanship.

BOHETNIKA is a Berlin based brand founded by Lizeth Soto Rivas (Behrendt) and Alexander Behrendt in 2016 with the aim to value the preservation and growth of Mexican artisanal and sustainable designs. By carrying these amazing handcrafted garments in Europe, Bohetnika promotes and empower Mexican artisans and cultural diversity through design. One of the main brand’s goals is to keep pre-Hispanic Mexican traditions alive while giving them a modern accent.

Bohetnika’s DNA is about the respect and admiration for the ancestral legacy and the workforce. The brand states that  garments are not made on a large scale and that each one has different details and process and that is what makes Bohetnika unique.

Pamela Gallardo and Julia Beatriz Navajas, the creatives behind DIABLA BOLIVIA inspired by their Bolivian roots and country, they both define their creations as unique piece statements that embodies the cultural diversity and heritage of Bolivia. Diabla works closely with local artisans becoming a fair trade brand offering 100% handmade and ethical accessories. Each jewelry is a piece of art, naturally dyed with plants while using organic materials in each collection. Their latest collection is called “Tiu” in honor to their traditional dance in Bolivia called “ La diablada”. They also presented in this collection the vibrant colors and inspired by their national flag.

This live editorial shows the power that Latin American fashion designers have. The importance of organizations, associations and a community of change-makers getting together to invest in connecting bridges and bringing talent to the main fashion week catwalks in Europe and the world.

Maco Calderon works with noble fibers produced with minimum impact to the environment that surrounds it, their goal is to produce good quality comfortable garments timeless and ecological. His brand works with natural fiber producers of artisanal production of cooperatives, social enterprises and “alpaqueros” of Andean communities, preserving the traditions and collaborating to improve the quality of life.

Maco Calderon’s creations are handmade in the heart of the Andes of Peru in collaboration with artisans where tradition is transmitted from generation to generation. He says: “we do not believe in fast fashion and hyperconsumption, for this reason we make unique pieces totally handmade to measure for you. we create quality produced in small quantity, each garment is made with love, thinking about who will wear it”.

Bringing the natural vibe to the event, Paulina Irazabal is the creative soul behind SITTAKA. The charismatic woman that connects deeply to the essence of being present, to celebrate Latin American design and to honor through each head piece the work and resources taken from the Amazon rainforest. Sittaka is about uniting, collaborating, respecting, and healing through the art of clothing and hat pieces. She connects her passion to explore during her travels and respect to Amazon rainforest with designing and offering head pieces that are unique to empower women. Sittaka works in building close relationship with the Shipibo Konibo tribes in Yarinacocha, Peruvian Amazon. 

About the shoes: The commitment for SFW is to unite a community for changemakers, IMM is an ethical brand empowering regufees and immigrants. The idea to connect different cultures willing to support each other is SFW core value. In this live editorial IMM and Sittaka joined forces to present a complete look ethically made. They were found in our community. Have you joined yet?



PRESENTE ANCESTRAL has a commitment to bring excellence in the shows and experience but also empower the social part. That way,  they want to give back through crowdfunding campaign launched via Ulule platform, to raise funds for the Chilean foundation “Superación de la Pobreza”. Participating in this campaign, you are supporting the development of the local economy of artisans and women working for a better future. We believe that by investing in culture preservation, showcasing artisan craftsmanship and celebrating designers committed to empower their cultural roots, we maintain alive each country’s cultural diversity and ancestral techniques in textiles. Thank you Carolina Davila, Patricia Guerrero and Patrick Strickler and all the team for a taking us to a journey of celebrating  and promoting more Latin American designers. We look forward for their upcoming show in Milan 2020 bringing the experience and taking everyone to a journey to slow down and connect with the haute couture fashion and artisan luxury of Latin America

Presente Ancestral  – Paris Fashion Live Editorial


Creative Direction:  Mariel Jumpa & Lizeth Soto Rivas / IG @slowfashionworld @consciouslatina @lizethsotorivas

Photography: Lizeth Soto Rivas / @lizethsotorivas

Stylist: Melissa Herman / IG @_Melissaherman_

Model: Maria Clara Daros / IG @MariaClaraDaros

MUA: Dany Rocchi / IG @Dany_Rocchi 

Production Assistant: Maco Calderon / IG @Macocalderon_official 

Production Assistant: Victoria Salum / IG @VictoriaSalum

Lizeth Soto Rivas

Founder Bohetnika and art director of SFW team. She is a photographer and visual communication expert living in Berlin. Passionate about culture, travel and creative art. Working actively with international and local projects connected to artisan collaborations.

Visit her website

Presente Ancestral – 100% Latin American Fashion Show

Presente Ancestral – 100% Latin American Fashion Show

PRESENTE ANCESTRAL comes back with the second edition during Paris Fashion Week.
Welcome to feel Latin American conscious fashion depicting the true beauty of craftmanship, artisan-made designs, learn more about the story behind the artisan and indigenous communities working with Latin American designers. All happening during Fashion Week LIVE in the heart of Paris.
PRESENTE ANCESTRAL is possible thanks to the Davily Partners production and team in partnership with ProChile, along with other incredible sponsors. Slow Fashion World is proud as Latin American founders to be part of this experience together with media partner Luxiders Magazine.


Carolina Davila, CEO de Davily Partners , is the founder and executive producer of PRESENTE ANCESTRAL, a space of creativity and virtuosity, that stimulates the participation and facilitates the access of Latin American Designers to the most important catwalks of the fashion market, guaranteeing sustainability standards in the processes of manufacturing and fair trade. Promoting solidarity and respect for the environment, while approaching the old continent with all the wealth of our cultural diversity.

First edition took place this year in Monaco during the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week. PRESENTE ANCESTRAL showcased around 20 Latin American designers. According to the founder it was “a successful show overceeding the participants and guest expectations. Mora than a commercial success, the spiritual connection made between designers and their audience was truly exceptional”


PRESENTE ANCESTRAL announcing their official collaboration between partner media LUXIDERS MAGAZINE and Davily Partners. Do not miss the event highlights from the most recognized magazine around sustainable fashion in Europe.
Founded by Belvis Soler  and Jens Wittwer
Excellence in sustainable aesthetics, Luxiders Magazine spotlights the excellence in aesthetics, cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle products strictly related to a sustainable approach.
Covering world´s most spoken languages & modern interests, Luxiders Magazine highlights global content in English / German / Spanish based on curated sustainable stories about fashion, design and lifestyle inspiring conscious people, millenials and style seekers.
Luxiders Magazine published  a recent article about the event quoting;
“The most precious haute couture fashion designers in Latin America, those who aim to rescue the material and immaterial heritage of the peoples and the purest traditional Latin American craftsmanship through a noble fusion with sustainability, will meet during the Paris Fashion Week at the Presente Ancestral event, a catwalk, talkshow and showroom that will take place on September 26th and 27th at the Chilean Embassy. Luxiders Magazine will cover the event“.


Diabla (BOLIVIA) coming from Bolivia, proposing a fusion between art, creativity and an exclusive design in each garment, with a unique and authentic fashion vision inspired by the creations and designs of ancestral fabrics of the indigenous peoples of Bolivia.
Carmen Camacho (BOLIVIA) founder of Awaj Warmi, a nonprofit association working with men and women that specializes in the production of alpaca wool garments and high-quality products. Awaj Warmi develop close relationship with the artisans to prevail  the technique and production strategy. Each collection intend to combine the ancient tradition of weaving and applying tailoring and avant-garde urban fashion designs to haute couture.

Sittaka (CHILE-PERU)   founder Paulina Irazabal developed a close connection and long-term collaboration with Shipibo Konimo tribes in Amazonas rainforest. The headpieces and healing clothing is the creation inspired by exploration of trips and respect for nature. Sittaka works with Shipibo artisans and the caserio called “11 de Agosto” located in the “laguna de Yarinachocha”, Peruvian Amazon.

Bohetnika (MEXICO) Berlin-based brand whose goal is to preserve the value and growth of Mexican artisanal and sustainable designs. By bringing these incredible handmade clothes to Europe, Bohetnika promotes and empowers Mexican artisans and cultural diversity through design.










Featured speakers introducing ethical and sustainable fashion influencers: Dan Pontelier &  Lucy Geulin discussing about the connection about Latin American and Europe through ethical and sustainable fashion. The talks will be moderated by Graciela Martin, Business of Fashion (BoF) journalist and expert in Latin American fashion communication. Graciela will be also interviewing each designer to learn more about the “making of” each catwalk and campaign collection.


On the night of September 26th, PRESENTE ANCESTRAL will announce the launch of a Crowdfunding campaign for Chile’s Foundation Superación de la Pobreza en Chile, for Overcoming Poverty, via the Ulule France platform. For more information email click on the link or email:



PRESENTE ANCESTRAL is opening 2 days of trunkshow for Latin American designers to offer their latest collections to the European market. Buyers, stores and shoppers will be able to invest in a unique piece taken right off the catwalk.  Mexican artisan-made brands like Bohetnika and Soona Otomi will bring their traditional designs, as well as, Bohetnika second micro-collection launched for Paris Fashion Week.

Feel the Latin American experience 26th and 27th during Paris Fashion Week
Can fashion become sustainable through circular fashion or sharing economy?

Can fashion become sustainable through circular fashion or sharing economy?

**Circular Fashion Stockholm Event***

Glad to announce our featured guest designers from Slow Fashion World community!
To start off the season we will hold a much requested meetups around circular economy in fashion and other consumer goods.
Join us tomorrow at Invest Stockholm & discover, connect and learn the experiences from two designers, entrepreneurs living in Sweden working along sustainable and circular fashion and involved in Swedish Fashion Scene.

***Topic: Circular & Sustainable Design + The future of Fashion Weeks***

Featured panelists: 

Studio Heijne -Wendy, originally from The Netherlands, is living in Stockholm, together with her Swedish husband Peter and 2 small boys. Wendy´s vision is to create a fashion brand for the future. That is to say a sustainable brand for modern woman of all lengths, sizes and shapes. Women who don´t compromise when it comes to the quality of her wardrobe, the fitting of her dresses and the way her clothes are produced. Check out her online store & concept store in Stockholm. 

 Nathali Elfström took her BA in fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles 2017, showing the exam collection at Stockholm Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. Early on inspired by her South American roots on her mother’s side, bright colors and artisanal work has shaped her interest in fashion. Check out her work and more:

We will have  a special appearance from Swedish Fashion Council Fredrik Timour, Head of  Fashion Innovation

Swedish Fashion Council is an independent organization founded in 1979. It is the aim to promote, educate, inspire and digitise the Swedish fashion industry to become competitive and sustainable in all areas. The Swedish Fashion Council supports emerging talent who will ultimately shape the future of fashion.

The full program including retailers like H&M, as well as, Houdini Sportswear, Sellpy, fashion, design and industry professionals,
We will offer a round for start up pitches. Please register before going to event **LIMITED SPACE***
Everyone is welcome!
PS: Prepare your questions before entering the event!
Invest Stockholm is the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm. Based on your needs our experts can help you get connected to the ecosystem of top-notch companies, universities and research centers. Through us you will find the expertise you need to build your business. Our service includes matching investors with opportunities, and providing advice and practical assistance, free of charge, in setting up and expanding a business in Stockholm.
Slow Fashion Pop Up Berlin

Slow Fashion Pop Up Berlin

Starting January 2019 we have showcased ethical and sustainable fashion throughout different cities around Europe organizing exhibitions, events and curated experiences. Our goal is to create unique and inclusive activities around Slow Fashion and Conscious Lifestyle by turning spaces into conscious experiences. We have gathered community of local change-makers, social entrepreneurs, advocates and industry professionals willing to collaborate and co-create together. Community mind-set, sustainability and inclusion between skills, backgrounds and cultures is what Slow Fashion World is about. We love gathering people together, empower each other to take action!


We invite you all to join us in the #SlowFashionPopUp 3rd edition inBerlin choosing one more edition to activate the beautiful space in 7 Mares: A cozy and well located winery, with slow music featuring emerging artists, culture and vibrant space to network in Berlin.
SFW’s goal with organizing the Slow Fashion Pop Up Edition 3 in Berlin is to connect stronger ties and connect locals into a multicultural experience involving both local and international brands who are native in Germany, expats entrepreneurs in Europe and the world.  Slow Fashion World committed to bring sustainability, diversity & inclusion, experiences where everyone feels part of the solution, empowered and welcome to amplify their voices for a better way to consume, make business and create positive impact. After all we are one world, no planet B and we want to show the positive side of the fashion and lifestyle industry by showcasing one story at a time.

Why showcase again Slow Fashion Berlin?

All  sustainable fashion passionates, activists, professionals and advocates are becoming more familiar about the latest trends and news coming from the Ethical Fashion Hub: Berlin! Also, it is a melting pot of cultures, diversity and people around the world interested in learning new ways of creating an impact in the world.
Berlin has also the most vibrant events in ethical and green fashion, conscious design, circular fashion and innovation when it comes to seek for inspiration. After all Berlin is home of the  Ethical Fashion Show, very well-know for their green spaces, variety of restaurants and spots offering you the connection with fun, networking and green lifestyle.

Meet the featured brands showcasing at Slow Fashion Berlin:


Bohetnika is a Berlin based brand founded by Mexican artist Lizeth Soto Rivas and her husband Alex Behrendt with the aim to value the preservation and growth of Mexican artisanal and sustainable design. By carrying unique and long lasting handcrafted garments in Europe. Bohetnika promotes and empower Mexican artisans and cultural diversity through design by keeping the  pre-Hispanic Mexican traditions alive. In 2019, they incorporate 100% organic materials through a one-of a kind pieces micro-collection. 


Exploring the equilibrium between the environment and with people. ERIE has a circular business model offering  natural and organic products, all produces are compostable and represent a circular movement. Founded by Hannah Schorch, creates sustainablilty through a cradle to cradle inspired design of clothing. erie steps away from the linear system of TAKE-MAKE-WASTE and instead turns towards a circular way of creating as MAKE-USE-RETURN – all parts of each product are completely compostable after the user’s and re-user’s phase. erie seeks to make all processes as transparent and accessible as possible in order to support the flow of information, communication, exchange, and connection.


A brand who is committed to the Conscious and Fair Fashion Movement. Friends That Rhyme upcycle vintage textiles to create unique pieces using what is already available and adding history and individuality to every wristlet and clutch (besides, both founders Nadine & Sabine love the thrill of the hunt). For them passion, commitment and conscious design is a  WIN-WIN for people, planet and create a brand with purpose. Nadine & Sabine are cheery souls who hope that each item that is bought will be cherished with unique stories behind them. All handmade clutches and wristlets!


Kmana travelbags is a passionate, ethical, family-run design company producing leather travel bags and accessories handcrafted in Bali. Kmana Travelbags is a family-run design company built with consciousness & cooperation mindset. They produce leather travel bags and accessories #Handcrafted in Bali. The brand has a close team of change-makers working with local communities of artisans and skilled people in Bali and Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Her founder Bea quotes “Kmana was born out of a desire to combine ethics and aesthetics, to serve the world’s wanderers. Men and women who, regardless of their age, desire timeless and unisex fashion produced sustainably in small batches”.


Inspired by Guatemala’s traditional artistry and its beautiful handwoven textiles, TOJ was founded in 2014 in Guatemala by a German and a Guatemalan. TOJ works hand-in-hand with local artisans from different regions of the country to bring Guatemalan fashion to the world. In Mayan culture, the label’s name – TOJ – is a symbol for reciprocity, donation, offering and gratitude. TOJ focuses on giving back to the artisans, communities by providing them with stable jobs that bring fixed income and will later create more job opportunities. All the products are ethically handcrafted in Guatemala. TOJ offers “Do-It-Yourself”-sandals which can be created by the customer herself. You choose a leather base, a strap and maybe an accessory. The tutorial videos on You Tube or the brand’s website show you step by step how to tie your new sandals in many different way.


Italian-educated, Istituto di Moda Burgo (Milano) 2013 graduate Bintang Dini Rachmawati and Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia 1st Rank Institute) Business Management bachelor decided to create urban chique collections and aiming to work towards fairtradre standards as BIEN works with Indonesian community in SOLO. BIEN aims to continue creating handmade pieces that are longlasting and brings quality into a woman who travels, enjoys wearing colors and wants to have an exciting wardrobe. Ethical trading is at the heart of our business and we believe this is the way business should be done.


HAPPY REPUBLIQ a brand found by Gabriela Baus, born and raised in Ecuador, living in the Netherlands built a brand full of colours and textures inspired by the richness of Ecuadorian colours. The label connects her  passion for creativity in combination with Dutch design giving life to Slow Fashion brand: Happy Republiq. When her  little girl was born she wanted to make an impact in her daughters’ life and take action. She designs dresses with quality and color style. She aims to empower little girls like her daughters to leave her dreams, have fun and embrace herself. The journey to become a mother and an entrepreneur aims to inspire her daughter to show her that dreams can become reality.


NAHUI was founded in 2002 by Mireya Ramirez Valdespino in Madrid, Spain. Born in Mexico, a lover of her country and her culture, she has set herself the task of bringing the beauty of Mexican tradition into jewelry – with a commitment to quality sterling silver products combined with other materials such as semi-precious stones, leather, flowers, titanium , Silk, pearls and wood.

Meet SFW partners & collaborations for Slow Fashion Berlin:

Lizeth Soto Rivas. Founders: Bohetnika & SFW Change-Maker

Lizeth Soto Rivas together with her husband Alex are the founder sof Bohetnika. Both work actively as social entrepreneus, travel wanderlusters making thoughful connections around the world. Lizeth has been recently assigned as official change-maker for our upcoming  Slow Travel Community. She is also behind the movement “Goes Latin” Pop-Up stores around Europe with events empowering Latin American fashion, and designers. Both change-makers are partners and active collaborators of Slow Fashion World co-organizing alreadyy two Pop-Up editions in Berlin, 1 Pop-Up edition in Paris together with her platform “Goes Latin” founded together with entrepreneur and blockchain expert Chelsea Vassio.

Belvis Soler.  Founder: Luxiders

Luxiders is the New Intelligent Luxury Magazine (, based on eco & ethical stories abou tfashion, design and lifestyle. Founded in Berlin in 2017 by Belvis Soler – As described in the Website: “Luxiders Magazine began as a project of passion to fill the void for an informed, creative and avant-garde eco-friendly readers and consumers. Today, the magazine has grown to build a network of savvy writers and creative insiders around the world that want to leave their sustainable mark on a time of unprecedented change”.

Sina Helmke. Founder: #MarketingForChangeMakers

With #marketingforchangemakers, Sina  Helmke wants to have an impact by helping sustainable businesses grow. She is a Marketing strategist  from Hamburg in Germany. Experienced in marketing and foucsed to choose working with sustainable businesses. Her experience working with companies and agencies allow her to provide the best advices, resources and tools to support entrepreneurs, companies and businesses to apply marketing and sales strategy that can align with achieving a postivie impact in environment and sociaty. Sina Helmke states: “Our planet is not infinitely big. In my view, a company is only truly scalable if its products and services are designed to be replicated indefinitely and add value to society and the environment”. In the picture Sina interviewing  Peruvian designer living in Paris Andrea Sanabria Oviedo from La Petite Mort at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin 2017.

Marisol Oropeza. Founder: Mexico Matters

Over the last 10 years, she has gathered working experience in the private, public and non-profit sector in America, Europe, and Asia. Her core competencies are in strategic marketing, business development, and project management. She has international experience in public policies and renewable energies. She has a trustworthy network of collaborators in different countries.


Introducing our Slow Wine & Coffee experiences in our events and talks. Let’s discuss about fashion, travel and conscious living in our upacoming events and connect with local and internacional community!


Just like in the Slow Fashion world, quality and origin are also key aspects of speciality coffees. Café Juquila cares about that and much more. It is a 100% pure arabiga from the Pluma region in Oaxaca, Mexico. Harvested traditionally, environmentally and socially conscious.


Pluma zone from Oaxaca state, located in Juquila, OaxacaFinca Santa María, our coffee farm, is surrounded by old growth rainforest and is located in Juquila, a small community near Puerto Escondido, in the Sierra Madre at an altitude between 1300 – 1600 meters above the sea level. The roastery and company headquarter are located in Mexico City.


Café Juquila is a High Grown Shaded Bean harvested under the preserved could forest. It is fortified with organic nutrients originated in its own microecosystem and improved with ecotechniques that preserve the flora and fauna of the habitat at the Pluma Zone. This innovation also sustains spring waters and its soils.

In Café Juquila our commitment is to offer you the most refined and supreme cup of coffee, using the best Arabica beans. All thanks to the effort and dedication of Chatino growers.


Our coffee is harvested thanks to the legacy and tradition of our families.  The knowledge granted generation to generation is not the soil or the process, but the passion to the coffee, the need to express to every person the magic of the beverage.



Come and taste the Portuguese wines and join us for a community talk about conscious lifestyle tips, slow fashion and slow travel. Just like our previous edition in 2018 we got some amazing connections that lead into projects and opportunities. Connect with artists, entrepreneurs, advisors and conscious citizens. In this Slow Fashion Berlin edition we will share soon our upcoming local and international guest speakers.

Check out our upcoming EVENT in facebook to find more info to register in advance. Remember: Limited spaces!




Mariel has built a global community with focus on inclusion and sustainability around slow fashion. She is an international speaker and advisor.  She is the founder of Slow Fashion World, a global platform connecting an international community of change-makers collaborating and co-creating projects and activities to spread local and global initiatives around the fashion and lifestyle.

Joining Forces with San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week to Pivot Live Event into a Virtual Global Conference During Covid-19

SFW is committed to supporting creatives and changemakers by facilitating access to local and global opportunities. Our agency supports the achievement of the Global Agenda 2030, which is why the connection with US-based SFSFWI was important to us. Founded by changemaker Sandra Hanns, SFW decided to collaborate with a global team in pivoting the live Experts United event into a virtual conference.

SFW Latin America ft. Leslie Palacios

SFW launching Latin America activation ft. our first change-maker in Peru, Leslie Palacios. A fierce and committed woman to unite the alpaca world, sustainable fashion & dance through her network and experience.

Slow Fashion Pop Up Berlin

Starting January 2019 we have showcased ethical and sustainable fashion throughout different cities around Europe organizing exhibitions, events and curated experiences. Our goal is to create unique and inclusive activities around Slow Fashion and Conscious Lifestyle...

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