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Our Vision, Mission & Values

We believe that fast fashion is becoming obsolete

Slow, steady and ethical is winning the race as a growing community is celebrating quality over quantity. Our vision is to:

  • Create the number one network of industry professionals who focuses on sustainability, fairness, cultural exposure, and social initiatives.
  • Promote transparency, integrity, diversity, and responsible environmental actions.
  • Provide exposure for collaboration opportunities between the major players in the slow fashion movement and fashion industry.


We are moving slow fashion forward

We empower slow fashion visionaries to act upon their passions and values. Our mission is to:


  • Create a shared space for slow fashion creators to challenge the norm, make their voice heard and tackle the issues facing the fashion industry.
  • Show the powerful and sustainable alternative to fast fashion
  • Increase awareness about the issues of resource exploitation and oppressive labour practices in fast fashion, by showing the world what we are made of (figuratively and literally)!
  • Change obstacles into opportunities and potential clients into repeat customers.


We embody slow fashion. The proof is in our passion & our work


CEO/ Founder

Mariel Jumpa is a social entrepreneur, event curator and community manager. She develops meaningful connections and empower conscious change-makers championing social innovation, slow fashion and diversity around the world to take action.

She has travels around Latin America and moved to Sweden in 2010 to pursue a Master in International Marketing and build experience in Swedish startups in retail, in store marketing between others. Being inspired by Swedish society and industries, Mariel built a deep interest in Innovation, diversity management, technology and sustainability, working as an advisor for international projects.

She is the founder of Slow Fashion World, a global platform connecting an international community of conscious change-makers championing the sustainable development goals, working with ethics and enabling innovation and inclusion through their creative work and projects. She dedicates her time to building an international network connecting bridges between Latin America and Europe.

Mariel aims to empower a global community to continue spreading initiatives that generate positive impact and action around the fashion and travel industry. She is also Marketing Advisor at Contelier, a creative agency that connects diversity management with business development and been assigned as executive produce for film documentary for sustainable fashion and craft called MODA DOC América Latina.


Co-Founder, Innovation & Design

Susana is the founder of Susana Nakatani, a Swedish fashion label that cares about timeless style, solid handmade construction and that has a passion for sewing tradition.

Susana Nakatani has also a strong interest in Blockchain technology and works for the Selfkey Foundation which has developed blockchain-based distributed ledger technology and a series of cryptographic protocols to encourage consumers to entirely own and manage their own identities and data (“Self-Sovereign Identity.” ). 

Recently Susana officially joined the Slow Fashion World founding team where she has taken the role of marrying technical innovation, design and traditional craftsmanship as a weapon to sustainability. 


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